The old person bedroom raises “3 kinds of flower”, beautiful atmosphere, healthy and strong good raise, longevity is accompanied by health

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The elderly bedroom “three flowers”, beautiful atmosphere, and good raised, longevity and health by a few green plant, put in the home looks quiet your physical and mental pleasure, there are the old man’s house, the dog several potted, maintenance is simple, not only easier then, and branches and leaves are very beautiful atmosphere, some can foliage, some can enjoy flower, put a bowl in the home, or in the sitting room,Or put in the room, dignified and beautiful, leather is good to raise, very long life, meaning is particularly good, really suitable for the elderly to raise.1, Clivia flowers, beautiful atmosphere and easy to raise, do not need complex breeding technology, it can easily raise it well, it is more drought resistant than Chinese rose hydrangea phalaenopsis, even if the temperature is low, but also can be raised, placed on the balcony, or next to the French window, there is astigmatize position,A pot of clivia can be kept for several years or even ten years. It is very long.Cliviella potted, when not flowering can see the leaves, is also very beautiful atmosphere, its leaves arranged neatly, leaves thick oily green, there are obvious prominent lines above the leaves, when flowering, a few elegant and straight arrows, bright and beautiful color.Keep good clivia is not difficult, all the year round can be diffused light, do not need to move the position, the soil water dry again, don’t need regular watering, also do not need to frequently fertilization, as long as the soil with leaf pine needle soil, can grow very well, very suitable for the old man to raise, is the mood, good worry, really suitable for the old man have a basin.2, longevity and its name is a nice ah, really long life, very suitable for the old man to raise, maintenance is very simple, very drought-tolerant and very heat, not afraid of the summer, the summer maintenance is super simple, than other flowers and plants are simple, summer heat, can’t put it in the sun in the corner of the sun, water less as far as possible, wait until the blade is a bit weak looking water again.Wait to spent the summer, the autumn began to gallop, leaf buds long, at this time of increasing light and water, give some flowers, a lot of potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution, buds filled with flower POTS, bud big, macrobian flower because the time is long, flower quantity is less, the simplest method, is constantly cutting propagation, raising more more, the new plant bud more above,Blooming flowers like brocade, all kinds of colors can try cutting propagation, is really raise for many years, raise more basin, longevity and health implication is good, good bright flowers.3, yushu yushu curing method is super simple, very drought-tolerant, ten days half a month is not water, the problem is not big, it’s lush leaves, leaf blade thick, green and beautiful atmosphere, branches, such as young trees to grow healthy and strong, tall and beautiful, the moral of yushu is very good, symbolize good luck, yushu flowering auspiciousness.A pot of small yushu can raise a few years to ten years, or longer, very longevity, it also can purify indoor air, very suitable for the sitting room balcony planting study, curing method is simple, do not need watering too frequently, indoor have more water, less qiu dong season can get some sun, summer shade, if the soil becomes poor quality, not enough fertile osteoporosis,Give it change a pot soil to raise, can grow especially good.Some pictures from the network, if there is anything wrong, please contact to replace.This article is strictly prohibited to be reproduced without authorization, offenders will investigate!If you like xiaoya’s flower growing content, please click to follow, bring you a fun and practical flower growing tips every day.