Shame on men’s feet!Chinese women’s foot blood out of Japan, Huang Jianxiang: according to the men’s standard bonus

2022-08-26 0 By

Beijing time on February 4, at the end of the women’s Asian cup semi-final against the Japanese women’s Chinese women’s football, the Chinese women’s team in the scene under the condition of passive, backward twice, in overtime 119th minute absolutely flat, and the last laugh on penalties, with the Asian cup finals, steel roses again create the miracle,Let a few days ago to the national people added to the Chinese men’s foot shame.The Chinese women’s football team has failed to reach the semifinals of the Asian Cup in consecutive years. This time, Shui Qingxia, who has just taken over the team, won all the way to the semifinals, but the real test will be in the semifinals.The Japanese women’s football team has won the World Cup and is superior to The Chinese team, which has not beaten its opponents for six years.The course of the match also told its own story, as China were completely subdued in the first half, with Japan scoring the first goal in the 26th minute and China trailing 1-0 at half-time.In the 46th minute, xiao Yuyi, who had just come off the bench, equalised after setting up Wu Chengshu’s shot.Japan still dominated the match, but failed to score in 90 minutes and the game went into extra time.In extra time, It was Japan who opened the scoring again. Riko Uechi headed twice in the 105th minute to put The Chinese women’s football team in a desperate situation.But the roses did not give up and made a final push.The 119th minute, Wang Shanshan in front of the mat shot, China miracle equaliser, the game into a penalty shootout.Goalkeeper Zhu Yu saved two goals in the penalty shootout as China eliminated Japan 6-5 on aggregate to advance to the final, where they will face South Korea for the title.Throughout the game, the Chinese women’s team on some key data are obvious disadvantage, possession, only 3 shot number 7 to 22, all but two shots on goal scoring, corner and accuracy of the data is completely disadvantage, but leng with strong morale and spirit of Chinese women’s football to spell the victory.The women’s team’s performance was reminiscent of that of the men’s team, which suffered a humiliating 3-1 defeat on The first day of the Chinese New Year, causing much criticism from fans across the country.After the match, many professionals and fans were moved by the fighting spirit of the women’s football team. The famous speaker Huang Jianxiang burst into tears. He compared the performance of the Chinese women’s football team with the performance of the Chinese men’s football team a few days ago: Is there a difference between the technical and tactical level of the Women’s football team and the Japanese team?From the possession rate of the ball to the two sides of the shooting opportunity comparison, showing a huge gap, this gap is definitely more difficult than the Chinese men’s soccer team the day before yesterday, and Vietnam team strength comparison, more difficult!But did the men’s soccer team have any of the fight that the girls had today?Don’t blame everyone scold them, no contrast, no harm.In the war of self-redemption of the industry, men’s football team suffered from a large area of collective despair and wisdom. Therefore, the whole group was ridiculed by the whole society, and the whole industry was facing a survival crisis, which was really to blame.Huang Jianxiang also suggested: strong request football association in accordance with the men’s football twelve strong win a 6 million standard to women’s football bonus!Reporter Fu Yayu also said: there is no contrast, there is no harm.Shame on the women’s football team who took a pay cut for a year and made millions.