Please stop raping ‘Scar Literature’

2022-08-26 0 By

Recently, I have written three articles related to “scar literature” : “I will briefly say two words about” The World “: People in the world, don’t pretend to be good”, “To correctly understand Wen Tiejun’s ridicule,” The World “is not” scar literature “work”, “Sima Nan’s underlying logic”.In my opinion, I have basically put “the background of scar literature”, “what is scar literature”, “the world is not scar literature”, “why some people scold the scar literature” speak more clearly.However, in addition to some net friends communicating with me about “Scar literature” in the background, I can also see some articles and videos that misread “scar literature”, which is quite frustrating.For more representative problems, in particular, I want to say my opinion, to entertain my fans: scar literature mainly talking about what with my reading experience, I put the main content of the scar literature is summarized as three points: unfortunately era, the main reason for the problem of the era of mainly is the “gang of four”, bring down the gang of four is correct;Human nature is good and evil;To the time and years that have passed, and all the people and feelings within;Different “scar literature” works may have different themes, but I think none of them break out of these three patterns.From my point of view, I don’t think there’s anything wrong or bad about these three themes.With political literature of rape “scar literature” to become a “genre” is a very important reason is that under the background of the political atmosphere is not fully clear, “scar literature” is perceived as part of the “spring” and “cuckoo”, their value is “scar literature” against “gang of four” and “against” doctrine “and” bookishness “side;No matter what happened to the authors of “scar literature”, from my experience of reading “scar literature” works, at least I think most of the “scar literature” itself is very simple, without any political purpose.Lu Xun once said, “For a Dream of Red Mansions, the Confucian scholar sees the Book of Changes, the Taoist scholar sees the adultery, the talented scholar sees the love, the revolutionist sees the rows full, and the gossiper sees the cabinet Secretaries…”Similarly, some people read progress in “Scar literature”, some people read reaction in “scar literature”, some people read love in “scar literature”, some people read hate in “scar literature”…What’s wrong with “A Dream of Red Mansions” and “Scar literature”?If all you read is “obscene”, should you ban “A Dream of Red Mansions” and “Scar Literature”?And now there are individual “don’t understand pretend to understand” net red big V and take Edge qin, edge qin on “some malicious forces want to use scar literature” warning and scar literature itself and what relationship?Someone wants to use “scar literature” and “scar literature” what does it have to do with?Scar literature is reactionary because there are reactionary forces that want to exploit scar literature, right?Does someone want to kill someone with a kitchen knife, so a kitchen knife is evil?If we follow some people’s logic, wouldn’t modern literature be written about nothing but praise?Because you write it, it can be used by people who are not afraid of good intentions.Forgive my ignorance, but when did we get so narrow and weak?Who can explain?I never think literature should be subordinate to politics. I think the core of literature is to write “people” well.A good literary work, between the lines should be the color of humanity.And as a reader, you read an excellent literary works, is not the most impressive inside the image of a vivid character image?So I really ask some people, stop using their own vulgarity to rape “scar literature”, stop using their own ignorance to pollute the sanctity and purity of literature!If you like grassroots articles, please “follow, like, forward”!Thank you very much!Maybe I can find more content you like in my text page!