Liu qiangdong’s efforts have not been in vain. Why did People’s Daily praise JD?

2022-08-26 0 By

In the past 2021, “Internet antitrust” has become one of the hottest topics on the Internet.First of all, we need to affirm that Internet platform companies such as Alibaba, Meituan and even Tencent and have made great contributions to social development.To put it bluntly, the Internet platform is the infrastructure of the new digital economy. Just like the high-speed rail of the offline economy, efficient infrastructure can greatly reduce costs and improve efficiency.However, there is a problem that needs to be pointed out, that is, after some Internet platform companies become giant companies, they have taken the road of disorderly expansion of capital, which must be stopped.With the introduction of anti-monopoly rules such as two choices, big data killing familiar, bundling behavior, the past brutal development of the Internet industry has come to an end.Perhaps some careful netizens have noticed that among all the Internet companies, Jingdong, founded by Liu Qiangdong, is not only not affected by the regulation of the industry, but also has a sense of going against the trend.Recently, the People’s Daily commentary, points out that the practice of jingdong “spirit”, intensive cultivation, dental laboratories, in digital technology innovation, keep improving and strengthening the accumulation, with independent research and development of endurance and concentration determination and confidence, the original innovation, constantly breakthroughs in technology innovation, and vivid interpretation of the new entity “spirit” of the enterprise.So today’s question comes, jingdong is not an online supermarket?Why is it praised by People’s Daily?Let’s analyze it briefly!Internet users know that Internet companies are good at “light production” operations, such as Alibaba, Meituan and Even Xiaomi.The advantage of this method is that the risk is small, and the return is stable, but in the long run, I’m afraid it will lead to the company’s core competitiveness in the market more and more.Mr. Liu’s, on the other hand, was heavy from the start.Whether it is jingdong mall’s own stock or jingdong logistics heavy assets operation route.In the short term, it is difficult for JINGdong to improve its profit margin, but in the long term, the asset-heavy mode of JINGdong can make jingdong walk sounder.Jingdong looks like an Internet company, but it is actually a real company, or jingdong has made great contributions to the development of China’s real economy.Since 2017, Liu Qiangdong has announced that JD will transform itself into a company focused on technological innovation. Currently, JD has invested nearly 75 billion yuan in technology, forming digital technology application achievements such as large-scale robot warehouse scheduling algorithm, super automatic supply chain and smart city operating system.It has injected new driving forces into manufacturing, distribution and service industries and enterprises.It is believed that through the creation of digital matrix, JD can promote the Internet and traditional enterprises to achieve more in-depth digital coordination, so as to play a leading and demonstration role in the new ecology of digital industry.It is worth mentioning that jingdong currently has 400,000 employees worldwide and nearly 2,000 warehouses. The huge warehousing and logistics operations are all real. Moreover, there are huge numbers of employees.Based on the above brief analysis, JINGdong has indeed made due contributions to the development of Chinese society.Thanks to Liu qiangdong, he chose the “hard and right” thing in the first place.Although jingdong has struggled in the past, it is now recognized by People’s Daily as a kind of encouragement for Liu qiangdong.