Li Xiaopeng: the main force of Guangzhou Youth Team!Luneng Youth Training assistance!The main port or position is not guaranteed

2022-08-26 0 By

On February 7th, Beijing time, after Zhang Linyan, a player from Guangzhou Youth Academy, helped China win the Asian Cup, Li Xiaopeng, the head coach of Chinese men’s national football Team, also remembered many excellent young players from Guangzhou youth Academy on this special day, so 5 excellent players from Guangzhou youth Academy were recruited to the National training team.The five guangzhou Evergrande youth players are Yan Dinghao, Liao Lisheng, Yang Liyu, Wu Shaocong and Liao Lisheng. The five Guangzhou youth players will be the key players of China’s World Cup qualifiers against Saudi Arabia and Oman if there is no surprise.Accounted for when the five guangzhou youth player Li Xiaopeng BuZhao after half of the number, also can see Li Xiaopeng in national team of the future to give priority to with guangzhou academy players to form a team, the players in combination with individual luneng in the youth players, such as Duan Liu fool, guo tian, etc., are sufficient to ensure complete lineup, believe the team is sure to bring the team’s different grades,After all, these guangzhou youth players have been tested in the Chinese Super League (CSL). They finished third last season under the guidance of their veteran captain Zheng Zhi. If zhang Linpeng had not kicked away a penalty kick against SIPG in the final round of the league, they would have won the second place in the league.Established in guangzhou Li Xiaopeng youth players is given priority to, luneng youth players after the auxiliary, perhaps or chongming academy’s five main position, the five chongming academy’s main lei, zhang linpeng, Zhu Chen jie, Wang Shen super, YanJunLing, they made a World Cup qualifier the team’s main force, living on the preliminary performance believes the fans also look in the eyes,When the National football team missed the Qatar World Cup two rounds ahead of schedule, Li Xiaopeng did not choose them to use guangzhou youth training players is understandable.