Civilization every step, safety every day

2022-08-26 0 By

Civilized traffic, from I open “drive “. Civilized comity zebra crossing, let the heart light up the red street lamp.Civilization has no bystander, travel is the practitioner.Don’t indulge in a cup of wine, detention food is not sweet.Red light stop green line, strive to be civilized Xuchang people.When the civilization of Xuchang “drive”, do traffic safety “up to” people.You civilized, I comity, he abide by, safe travel.Don’t worry when the red light is on, rest your feet and ride slowly.Civilized driving everyone praise, comity new car road wide..All roads lead to Rome. Everyone obey the traffic laws.How wide the heart, how wide the road;Civilized travel, comity first.Civilized security people expect, traffic harmony changle people’s livelihood.Make a civilized wish, chang enjoy traffic safety.Walk with civilization, like ………… for safety