Chengdu Xinjin police stick to the front line, received an anonymous warmth!

2022-08-26 0 By

Sichuan online reporter Wu Li on February 2, the reporter learned from chengdu Xinjin public security, the Spring Festival xinjin public security patrol to carry out social prevention and control work.Overt use of police, dynamic cloth police, the maximum civilian auxiliary police placed on the road, to a line.At the same time, in-depth development of fireworks set off control work, the full implementation of fireworks ban, banned the management measures, xinjian in-depth development of the public security check, to guide the masses, consciously abide by the regulations, advocate civilized behavior, reduce pollution, eliminate fire hazard, and continue to carry out road safety one hundred – day crucial action, protect travel security line.Spring Festival closed, xinjin police in action.At 21 o ‘clock on January 31, Chengdu Xinjin Traffic Management Center received a call for help, saying that there were people with eye injuries, the scene is very urgent, need to immediately transferred to Chengdu West China Hospital.The police on duty drove the police car, sounded the alarm, to ensure the opening of emergency relief channel, because the rescue in time, now the injured condition has been stable.”Thank you, comrade policemen!The family expressed their gratitude to the traffic police.On New Year’s Eve, Rao Xueying, the wife of Liu Lei, a police officer in Wujin Police Station, rushed to the station and cooked a sumptuous dinner for her husband and colleagues on duty.”You protect peace with responsibility, I protect you with affection, my daughter and I will always support you.””Police wife Rao Xueying said.The police stand firm, the masses see.On New Year’s Eve, ruitong road card point police on duty received an anonymous warm.It turned out to be warm-hearted people, see the police during the Spring Festival standing in the white fog duty is very hard, bought milk tea to them, it also read “traffic police uncle hard, happy New Year!”