Zhao Rui returned to the team time to determine, ma has new news, Guangdong team will usher in the strongest lineup

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CBA guangdong team, the most concerned fans or Zhao Rui.Zhao rui abruptly left the team after playing a few games in the second period, and then missed more than a dozen games until the end of the regular season, zhao Rui did not appear.Guangdong Provincial team officials also explained zhao Rui’s departure from the team, mainly due to zhao Rui’s increasingly serious illness and a new injury forced him to leave the team and miss the game.Zhao Rui also replied to his reasons for leaving the team on his social media account that he could not play because of injury problems.But many fans still don’t believe zhao missed the game because of injury problems, mainly because zhao’s name is not on the CBA’s official injury list.There was speculation among fans that Zhao chose not to play because of a salary dispute with the team’s leaders, while some suggested that the Beijing Ducks and Shanghai Could recruit Zhao to inject new blood into the team.Even some fans still do not believe that Zhao Rui left the team because of injury, that it must be something happened in his family and so on.Always a lot of fans do not believe in the guangxia team played very well, suddenly injured.There are all sorts of theories.Zhao Rui’s departure is indeed a great pressure on Guangdong Team, Guangdong team in the second stage was full of injuries, Zhao Rui’s departure is even worse, the team’s overall attack rhythm is slow many, many tactics can not play;In the back line is let Xu Jie directly into a model worker.Finally, there is the latest news about Zhao Rui. The “Moon sister” of Guangdong Hongyuan Team, who specializes in team public relations, connected with Mai Zhao Rui on the social media platform. When asked when Zhao Rui would return to the court, Zhao Rui did not hesitate to answer, but made it clear that he would definitely be on the court during the third phase of the CBA regular season.Zhao Rui himself said that the third stage of the game will appear, this news for guangdong fans is the most worthy of looking forward to things.After all, Zhao Rui’s play is too entertaining to watch, especially his ability to hold the ball and break through the offense.Zhao Rui must be troubled by a little injury, back for so long, may also be attached to the handling of household matters, Zhao Rui is currently in Harbin Daqing, is now at home, and family reunion.At the same time, sister asked Zhao Rui about the injury of Marshang Brooks, how is the situation?Zhao Rui also said that Ma Shang’s return date has also been put on the agenda.Marshang, the foreign aid of Guangdong Hongyuan Team, is also not smooth in the past two years. First, he got the new champion. After the recovery of the new champion, he injured his ligament.Marshang as “little Kobe”, the team inside the “rhythm master”, his role is extremely important to the team, fortunately, Guangdong team is also able to withstand the pressure, bring back the championship.The time for Zhao Rui to return to the team is confirmed, and there is new news about Ma Shang. Guangdong Team will welcome the strongest team. From the point of view of Ma Shang’s injury, it can finally return to the team in the third stage, but it can not play high-intensity matches immediately.If Ma Shang returns to the team, Guangdong may resume the “five up and five down” style of play.Guangdong team has a firepower output extremely fierce point.Then the personnel lineup of the third stage of Guangdong team is very strong. First, in the off-season between the second stage and the third stage, the injured people of Guangdong team can basically recover, which also means that the members of Guangdong team will have a relatively complete.Second, if Ma Shang can return to the team, then Guangdong team reserves three foreign aid, plus Zhao Rui timely return to the team, then Guangdong team’s overall strength is quite horrible.With a complete squad and the guidance of the talented coach Du Feng, Guangdong is still the strongest championship contender this season.