The first case of making and selling pirated ice blocks: the suspect was sentenced to one year in prison

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On February 14, deputy director of the copyright administration department of the Shang Zhao aims to strengthen its intellectual property protection special briefing to introduce, recently, Beijing fast detection, fast v., fast producing pirated games mascots together ice mound mound, snow melts doll case, criminal suspects as one was sentenced to a year, $40000 fine,It is the first criminal case of infringing copyright of mascot image of Beijing Winter Olympics in China.Shang Zhaozhi, said the National Copyright Administration in strict accordance with the copyright law in our country and the international Olympic committee (ioc) games are copyright protection work related to copyright rules, pay more attention to the reach mark, before the games started by conducting campaigns, public announcement warning list and platform, to carry out a variety of forms such as self-discipline, nip in the bud.He pointed out that the winter Olympics are now half over, and online monitoring data shows that protection efforts have basically achieved the desired effect.As of midnight on February 12, youku, IQiyi, Tencent Video, Sina Weibo, B station, Douyin, Baidu and other 27 major video, social, live and search engine platforms, a total of 32,376 infringement links related to the Winter Olympics have been deleted after receiving all kinds of notices from rights holders;According to the requirements of the Anti-piracy working group of the Winter Olympics composed of six departments including the National Copyright Administration, 227,452 infringing links related to the Winter Olympics were deleted through self-examination.Platforms handled 3,363 accounts due to the spread of infringing content related to the Winter Olympics.On this basis, 39 overseas illegal websites were shut down and 52 domestic websites (APPS) suspected of illegally disseminating content related to the Winter Olympics were punished in accordance with the law.At the same time, the National Copyright Administration has strengthened its crackdown on traditional copyright infringement and piracy.Beijing (Reuters) – A criminal suspect surnamed Ren was sentenced to one year in prison and fined 40,000 yuan (us $1,392) for the production and sale of pirated Winter Olympics mascot bing Dwen Dwen and Xue Rong Rong dolls, becoming the first criminal case of infringing the copyright of the mascot image of the Beijing Winter Olympics.At present, there are a lot of public and media are very concerned about the copyright issues related to the Winter Olympics mascots Bing Dwen Dwen and Xue Rong Rong, hoping to know which use methods are legal, which are illegal, if there is infringement, what penalties may face and so on.Shang Zhaozhi points out, from the point of the copyright, special provisions in addition to the law, such as “copyright law” regulation, for personal study and research, appreciation and use of works, or to news reports, the media in the inevitable reproduce the content of some works, in addition to the case of the rational use of the other without permission of the copyright in the sense of use behavior,May constitute copyright infringement.”For example, some businesses without the permission of the right holder, without the production of toys, dolls or used in clothing, toys and other peripheral derivative products, may violate the relevant provisions of the copyright version, constitute infringement.Those who harm the public interest will also be subject to administrative punishment, and those who commit crimes will be investigated for criminal responsibility as in the case just announced.”Mr. Tang said.(Source: