On the day of the opening ceremony, walk into the gas station nearest to the Bird’s Nest

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February 4 morning, Wang Hui got up early, in order to the arrival of the day, she also put on a new work clothes.Wang Hui, a station manager, has been looking forward to the Winter Olympics since the First gas station of Petrochina Beijing Sales Company became a supply station for the Winter Olympics.On the evening of February 3, Wang Hui was filled with longing as she talked about the opening ceremony of the upcoming Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.”The surge of vehicles has also led to a queue of vehicles at the station since it became a guarantee station for the Winter Olympics.Wang Hui said, in view of the winter Olympic vehicles and social vehicles in the first gas station in stone refueling situation, the gas station specifically formulated the relevant guidance measures, in order to meet the winter Olympic vehicles timely refueling at the same time, but also greatly shorten the social vehicle queuing waiting time.On the morning of February 4, an endless stream of vehicles came to refuel.”Hello, please show me the fuel code!”Every time the winter Olympics closed loop vehicle arrived at the gas station, Wang Hui and the station staff will loudly communicate with the driver.Due to quarantine regulations, closed loop management vehicles cannot open their Windows when they arrive at gas stations, and all communication is conducted through the Windows.And when the winter Olympic vehicles left, gas stations will be regular elimination work.”As a guarantee station, we have to be absolutely safe.”Ms wang said.During the fuel rush, Wang hui will choose to communicate with drivers of the closed-loop vehicles of the Winter Olympics by writing tablets to shorten the communication time.After the completion of refueling, Wang Hui will extend his thumb to greet the driver “are service winter Olympics personnel, there will always be a sense of affinity when the station meet.”Ms wang said.As a guarantee station for the Winter Olympics, the Olympic concession products in the gas station convenience store have also become a popular choice for nearby residents and car owners.”Winter Olympics merchandise is so popular that many items are sold out.Ms wang said.More than 1,500 items of winter Olympics souvenirs have been sold in the two months since it became the site.Residents near gas stations came to convenience stores to buy Olympic merchandise.Convenience store winter Olympics atmosphere is full, the mascot ice dun dun model also attracted many children to come here.As the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games draws near, whether to go to the Bird’s Nest to see the fireworks has become a topic of discussion at the gas station.Although the gas station is only 1.5 kilometers away from the Bird’s Nest, it is everyone’s choice to stick to their posts because of their responsibilities.”We have TVS in our convenience stores, so nobody can watch it live when they don’t have a car.”Ms wang said.The TV was turned on in the convenience store, and the people on duty that night sat around to watch the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.After the opening ceremony began, there were not many cars coming to refuel, but there were always some.Watching the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games is also interrupted from time to time by the vehicles that pull into the station to refuel. “You are all in the house to watch the live broadcast, I will go outside to refuel the car.”Whenever a car came in, Wang Hui would quietly arrange.When the fireworks in the Bird’s Nest were in full bloom, Wang hui was concentrating on refueling a winter Olympics support vehicle. The fireworks in the distance did not attract wang Hui’s attention.When there are no vehicles at the station, the refuelers carry out disinfection work according to epidemic prevention regulations.”Look!Fireworks again!””Shouted Xu Yuan, a gas station attendant, pointing to a gap between two buildings opposite the station.At 22 o ‘clock, with the winter Olympics torch was lit, the opening ceremony into the climax.Wang Hui was able to relax after a tense day of nerves.”Although we are so close to the Bird’s Nest, we could not see the fireworks, it is a pity, but today’s security task is basically completed, everyone is really hard!”Ms wang said.Even though the fireworks from the Bird’s Nest were blocked by the building opposite the gas station, the gas station attendants were excited to see a few fireworks in the space between the two buildings.February 5, Wang Hui sat in front of the computer to sort out the day’s work.Although wang Hui felt a little tired after entering the stage of the surge of workload, but she still use “excited” two words to summarize their feelings.”Now I am very excited, also very excited, because the Winter Olympics is very close to me, close to where I am in the heart of the motherland, to the bird’s nest I can measure with footsteps;Nearly to I can do a good job in the Winter Olympic energy supply, contribute all my strength.Today, the Winter Olympics open, today I am very excited!”In that day’s work diary, Wang Hui writes down like this.From February 1 to 4, stone big vehicles for the games of the event services the first gas stations a total of 431 trains, on an average day have 107 games vehicles arrive station refueling, and from November 27, 2021, stone big first gas station for the 200 race car oil filling out the first gun, to February 4, 2022, the gas station for race car loaded with 2008 trains,Nearly 50 tons of oil products.Series photojournalism | zhang xu, edit | | Liang Jing platform Cheng Yue he review | Wang Jing AUTO life WeChat ID: qcshb20030415 part material derived from the network, if there are any infringement, please contact delete business cooperation contact phone: 010-64523328/64523307