New Year new house!The people of Zhuqiao got their keys

2022-08-24 0 By

“Here’s the key to the house, here’s the key to the mailbox, here’s the warranty…”Recently, the town of Zhuqiao original Venus village 6 groups of aunt Zhou came to zhushun yuan resettlement site, from the hands of the staff took the new house keys, get the long-awaited relocation resettlement room.The staff explained and put the items into a unified bag.Before the house, Zhou Aunt a family has entered the long-awaited new house inspection accompanied by property personnel.The new house is full of sunshine and broad vision. Looking around the room, Aunt Zhou could not hide her excitement in her heart: “Satisfied, happy!”From January 9 to January 24, 730 residents of Zhuqiao town had their houses relocated, ending the days of transition outside and before the arrival of the Spring Festival.730 industrial relocation residents to take the housing behind the smooth, inseparable from the town up and down hundreds of hard work.Covering an area of 183163.7 square meters, Zhushun Garden is composed of 21 9-storey, 3 11-storey and 8 14-storey residential buildings, 3 3-storey commercial supporting buildings, 1 6-storey commercial supporting building, 10 substations, 4 garbage stations and 2 first-storey underground garages, which can accommodate 2556 relocated residents.As I get things done for the populace “projects, ZhuShun yuan resettlement involves more work than ever more onerous, time is more urgent, tasks, in order to make the relocation households to be relocated can be key to smoothly to a new home before the Spring Festival, ZhuQiao town party committee, township government attaches great importance to the orderly, careful deployment, elaborate organization, propulsion, a concerted effort to ensure smoothly moved back to work.ZhuQiao town many times research, do deep and fine schemes and plans, is cast with town city investment company, a good soldier from various units transferred will at the same time, special working team, set up eight working group, clear responsibilities, peace, club building office, room run, communities, the village and chengguan squadrons, police station and other units, departments, to ensure the orderly.Source: Pudong