He scored 33+5+7 in 28 minutes and led the team to a 135-point victory.

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NBA regular season, the western grizzlies away against the Eastern Magic team, the two teams record and strength is very different, the Grizzlies in the record list firmly placed in the league third, the current lineup is relatively neat, the Magic team is the league’s bottom record, the team’s remaining way is to continue to put bad to get a good order.The Grizzlies scored 135 points in a 20-point victory over the Magic, with top star Deandre Morante scoring 33+5+7.On the court, Jackson scored two points to open the scoring and the Magic held on for a 22-22 halftime tie, but the Grizzlies outscored them 15-2 to finish the period 37-24.The magic made a run for it in the second quarter, and rose’s 2-point play brought them back to 33-44, but morante scored consecutive points at the end of the quarter, and the Grizzlies’ offense played like an exhibition game in the first half, scoring 76 points and taking a 20-point lead into the break.Even the grizzlies outgunned the Magic in the third quarter, leading by nearly 30 points, 98-69, after three quarters on an inside power play by Adams.At the end of the game, due to the difference is too big, Morant and other main players did not play, although the Magic team in the section will chase the score to 99-119, but still trailing more than 20 points, after the two teams peace to maintain 20 points or so, finish the game, the Grizzlies to 135-115 win 20 points, get 2 in a row!In terms of statistics, five magic players scored in double figures, including guard Carmelo Anthony (22+6+5 for 14) in 30 minutes. Although he had some performance on offense, he was unable to limit morant, Wagner Jr. (15 points), Carter Jr. (12 points and 10 rebounds) and Suggs (17+4+5) on defense.Gary Harris scored 10 points off the bench.For the Grizzlies, Morante played 28 minutes and clocked out in three quarters, finishing 14-of-21 with 33+5+7+2 blocks while committing four turnovers.Jarren Jr. had 21 points and 6 rebounds in 28 minutes, Williams added 11 points, center Adams had a versatile game with 12 points, 11 rebounds and 8 assists in 23 minutes, reserve Jim Symelton had 16 points and 10 double-doubles in 21 minutes, Clark 10 points and 8 rebounds, Jones 10 points and 5 assists,Seven of the team scored in double figures!Have three clock in the game, scored 33 + 5 + 7 moran, play the best performance, led seven people in double face 135 victory, the 22-year-old star point guard has the ranks of the first-line star, after the game when it comes to their performance, moran said his side have a lot of pitcher, opponents can’t double the paint, cat-and-mouse game you can do.He also received an MVP cheer from the Magic for the game, and Morante thanked him for it.Jenkins also played in his 200th game as head coach of the Grizzlies. Jenkins said he is honored to coach this outstanding team and is in the running to win coach of the Year this season.