City fire rescue corps special detachment longyang Station Zhang Jiabao: brave and fearless fire tough man for the people

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Personal first-class merit once, second-class merit twice, third-class merit four times, “Excellent Communist Party member” of fire and Rescue Bureau of Emergency Management Department, “Excellent Teacher” of Municipal Fire and Rescue Corps…It is no mistake to describe Zhang’s firefighting career with honor.He is now the captain of longyang Station branch 1 of the city fire and rescue Corps. He has been fighting in the front line of fire and rescue for more than 20 years.Zhang has participated in more than 3,000 rescue operations, more than 10,000 fire fighting and disaster relief, and rescued more than 100 trapped people.In the rescue of Wenchuan earthquake on May 12, 2008, he volunteered and successfully completed the rescue mission at the risk of his life.Zhang Jiabao city fire rescue corps special branch longyang station a branch captain blacksmith also need their own hard.At the end of 2010, Zhang Jiabao was selected to the fire brigade iron Army training team with his excellent quality. As the only veteran in his 30s, he never relaxed his requirements.In 2011, on the stage of the first National Competition to build modern Public Security Fire Fighting Iron Army, Zhang Jiabao and his teammates tried their best, and finally the Shanghai Iron Army won the first place in three individual events and the sixth place in the group.During his tenure as the monitor of the air crew class, he started from scratch, strengthened his learning and innovated, and gradually explored a complete helicopter rescue system, which made up the gap for the air crew emergency rescue in Shanghai and even the whole country.In 2018, the corps decided to set up a special team, Zhang Jiabao was selected as a special team teacher because of outstanding personal ability and work performance, and in practice to create a set of actual combat training methods.From the “vanguard” to the “coach”, Zhang Jiabao constantly to give excellent answers.Face the family that often cannot accompany, Zhang Jiabao has kui from beginning to end.Asked if he was worth it, the tough guy said: “Wear flame blue to be worthy of the people.”Group of people, anke is the biggest encouragement to emergency people!