Chongqing beauty plum staged a “fairy tale of spring” flowers like pink sea

2022-08-24 0 By

Beautiful plums bloom in Tiupun River Park, Liangjiang New Area, near Kangzhuang station of Rail transit Line 6 in Chongqing, attracting numerous tourists and people to come for an outing to enjoy the flowers.Blooming beauties and the railway train set off a “fairy tale of spring.”People are looking for a perfect encounter between spring flowers and trains here.In the spring of 2022, Chongqing’s Tiupun River Park in Liangjiang New Area, next to Kangzhuang station of Railway Line 6, went into full bloom.Here, more than 1,600 plum trees are in full bloom, with flowers hanging on the branches like clouds.On the hillside next to the station spread out in a sea of pink flowers.From afar, it looks like a sea of pink, especially dazzling.Competing for blooming beauty mei, to spring with another touching vitality.A bright spring scenery, attracted a large number of citizens and tourists to the endless stream to take photos, brush chongqing citizens circle of friends.Looking out in a pink cloud from the heads of blooming plum trees.The railway train from Kangzhuang station runs through a sea of flowers.Chongqing Liangjiang New Area tiaodun River Park from the idle slope of the park transformed into a thriving scene, flowers green grass, water gurgling.The beauty of the mountains and fields opened just right, attracting a large number of citizens’ footsteps.Or three or five friends meet, or the elderly and young family mobilization, in the forest to enjoy flowers, take photos, singing and dancing, leisure entertainment…Laughter and laughter continue to reverberate in the sea of flowers, together into a wonderful picture.