Canada high school rich after-school life “Bond Online Cooking Club” wonderful sharing

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New Year’s festivals continue, “eating”, of course, is the hottest theme!Mr. MacSween from Bond High School came to bond Online Cooking Club to share nutritious food.Mr. MacSween holds online activities at 6:30 p.m. every Wednesday evening. He cooks live at home to guide students to prepare dinner and share nutrition knowledge and cooking skills.In the New Year, why not try making an authentic Canadian family dinner?Black beans, sweet potatoes, green vegetables, Turkey, pesto, grilled chicken breast, sea salt, grilled Brussels sprouts, dill, chicken, spaghetti, these are all the healthy dinners Ms. MacSween has made at the COOKING CLUB.Have you tried that?If you miss the live broadcast, students can also go to the Moodle forum of the cooking club to find the recipes and photos of the day, learn to cook new dishes by themselves, interact with teachers and students, and explore the rich and diverse food cultures in the world!”I first came up with the idea for this online cooking campaign just before the Christmas break, when I was teaching nutrition in my grade 9 health class. I thought it would be more interactive and practical to have an after-school cooking activity.”MacSween said.The idea became a reality in the New Year, when a Cooking Club opened to all high school students.The culinary club’s activities start with simple millennial dishes like tuna and avocado toast, and work their way up to more difficult dishes like vegetable omelets.In the online activity, students are guided by Teacher MacSween at every step of the cooking process and learn how to make dinner delicious and balanced.Have you heard of the Millennial Meal?Some believe that millennials — millennials seeking healthy, simple and nutritious eating — often refer to Millennial Food or Millennial Meal in association with avocado toast, kale, oat milk, quinoa and other healthy foods.Mr MacSween himself loves cooking and finds it a good way to decompress.He agrees that cooking is a practical skill that many students can benefit from, and he can see that the students involved enjoy not only preparing meals for themselves, but also for their families.According to MacSween, bond’s Grade 11 student Aaliyah Alie first tried to cook dinner for her family while participating in an online activity.Aaliyah fell in love with cooking clubs after participating in several online cooking activities. “I wasn’t really into cooking,” she said. “If my mom didn’t cook for me, fast food would be my best friend, but after I joined the cooking club, I realized cooking can be fun!Mr.MacSween is a really good teacher. He makes the whole cooking process very simple and clear. Cooking with him makes me feel that everyone can become a good cook!Welcome to join us and enjoy cooking!””Aaliyah used to almost never go to the kitchen with me, but since she joined the cooking club, she now comes to the kitchen at least three times a week to help me.I get really excited about the cooking club menu every week, probably more than she does, haha!”International students studying alone may not be able to give their parents a taste of what they are learning right away, but they can also enjoy participating in cooking clubs.Daniel Mu, a Bond Grade 11 student, said after taking part in the event: “I think the Cooking Club online campaign is great. It teaches me how to make ingredients THAT I wouldn’t have had access to before, such as Turkey, Brussels sprouts, dill…”He did not cook dinner in the kitchen at the same time when he participated in the activities, because his usual dinner time is early, and it is difficult to coordinate with online cooking activities in daily life. He will try to practice the teacher’s recipes on weekends.As an international student living in a host family, Daniel also has access to a fully equipped independent kitchen, which gives him plenty of opportunities to develop hobbies and share his cooking skills with the host parents.Tina Liu, a Bond grade 12 student, is an expert in baking and cooking.She also thinks online interactive cooking is a good way to do things.”Teachers can make cooking more fun by taking advantage of the live interaction,” Tina said. “They can also exchange recipes on the cooking club forum after the event, which is a great addition.”Join bond online Cooking Club and create your own delicious food to heal the soul!