Xichuan County Health Commission: business environment optimization service efficiency and speed up

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Image network news (elephant news reporter Zhang Ding has correspondent Li Xueshan Li Huaizeng) “DID not expect so soon can get the certificate, is really too convenient.”A few days ago, the head of the good and tang TCM clinic for record was issued by xichuan County Health Commission of the “TCM clinic for record certificate”.It is understood that the previous application for “medical institution practice license” only needs to go through the application, site inspection, conference research, publicity, application number, acceptance, certification and other links, at least 20 working days to complete.Since the implementation of the TCM record keeping system, according to the relevant provisions of the Interim Measures for the Record Keeping Management of TCM Clinics, clinics that use TCM and non-drug therapy such as acupuncture, cupping, massage to carry out diagnosis and treatment services, or TCM dispensing, decoction decocting and other TCM medicine services, have changed from the examination and approval system to the record keeping system.The TCM clinic filing system has carried out a series of reforms on personnel, qualifications and working procedures, eased the market access threshold, and focused on strengthening supervision during and after the event.Like good and tang clinic of Traditional Chinese medicine clinics such as the application of “Chinese medicine clinic record certificate”, only application and certification of two links, can be completed.”I wanted to open a clinic before, but it was a daunting process to get a ‘medical institution practice license’.”Mu Wenxue, head of the Health examination center of the United States, said that after the implementation of the new policy, one time to hand over all the materials, the same day to get the “medical institution practice license”, “radiation diagnosis and treatment license”, which makes him very excited.There are no outsiders in improving the business environment.Since this year, xichuan County Health Commission has taken multiple measures to promote the reform of “delegating control and providing services”, constantly optimizing service supply, improving service efficiency, striving to create a good health and healthy development environment, creating a good business environment for enterprises, making it easier for the people to get things done, and enhancing the sense of gain of the people.As all 115 health government service items entered the government service hall, the “one-window processing and one-time processing” policy was implemented, enabling government service items to be handled on the same day.So far this year, 269 cases have been accepted and concluded.(Image.net Nanyang News Hotline: 18003713016, contributed email: yxwny2021@126.com)