This charge, resume to collect since February 5!

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The reporter learned from the Civil Aviation Administration that from February 5, domestic airlines will resume fuel surcharges on domestic routes.This time, the surcharge will be levied on all domestic flights. The surcharge will be 10 yuan for each passenger traveling below 800 kilometers, and 20 yuan for each passenger traveling above 800 kilometers.It is understood that the current domestic airline fuel surcharge levy, adopt the linkage mechanism with aviation kerosene price, therefore, the change of fuel price directly affects the airline company to levy the fuel surcharge decision.Airlines suspended fuel surcharges on domestic routes on Jan 5, 2019, and for more than two years, passengers can travel on domestic flights only by paying the ticket fee and a civil aviation development fund of 50 yuan.In 2021, aviation kerosene prices have entered an upward path, so the fuel surcharge on domestic routes was reinstated on Nov 5, which had been suspended for two years. However, the surcharge was cancelled two months later due to falling oil prices.Industry insiders believe that the reinstatement of the surcharge comes at a time when passenger traffic has increased during the Spring Festival travel rush, which will help ease the cost pressure caused by the increase in jet fuel prices for airlines.CCTV news client editor: Xu Lin will be levied next month!When you’re on a plane
Can pay attention to the change of total ticket amount!
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