The underlying logic of managing personal IP: Exceed expectations

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Exceeding Expectations:This book divides the author’s thoughts on life into six parts. I read it from the perspective of managing personal IP and being a freelancer. I have compiled 21 pieces of advice that have been useful to me.How to manage oneself well?1. The nature of business: People often get confused about something, but others get confused because they don’t know what they’re stuck with.People are willing to spend time and money on things that will solve the problems they are facing, remove their current insecurities, forget their unhappiness, and solve their confusion.2. The Nature of Work If I feel unhappy at work, what will I rely on to support myself?If interests always come first, people will easily lose the prospect of work once they encounter setbacks in work.In other words, you can’t keep it up.To this day, I often wonder if my work can help people forget the unpleasant, if it can help people eliminate confusion.I often ask myself: What kind of people can this job help?What can be done to help them?What can be done to make them happier?Only with this kind of thinking can I stay in touch with the essence of work, and no matter what difficulties I face, I can go back to the origin and start again.More than any other job, the one that helps people get rid of confusion is the one that I can dedicate my life to with pride.3. Use business Thinking. Before I meet someone, I make sure to do a detailed research on their career, such as the current situation of their company and their outlook for the future.Based on that, I imagine what’s bothering the other person in their career, then think about what I can say to make them feel good, and in what ways I can help.This kind of thinking is like imagery training for me.This kind of training may be effective for any profession and for any job.By sensing people’s emotions, we can structure businesses.But it is important to note that the purpose of perceiving the other person’s emotions is not to use them to cause anxiety and misunderstanding, but to use them to think about how to make the other person happy.Put yourself in others’ shoes And Prepare Alternatives One thing you need in doing business is the person you are trading with.When communicating with the other person, be careful not to start the conversation from your own convenient point of view, but to think from the other person’s point of view.In business relationships, it’s more important to make the other person feel happy, contribute to them, and touch them than to be recognized and appreciated.From there, think about how you can truly work as a member of the other team.This principle applies universally in the workplace.When your boss asks you to prepare materials, think about how you can prepare them in a way that will satisfy your boss.Does the other party pursue speed, or care more about the standardization of data?Do I need to prepare additional information?You need to not just do what you’re told, but figure out how to exceed expectations and make them more satisfied.When dealing with people in the workplace, it’s just as important to tell them about yourself as it is to tell them about your company or product.When you talk to someone, they see you for who you are, so always think about what you can do to make them know you, trust you, and like you.If you don’t start selling yourself until you’ve done something great, then you won’t be able to move forward.Business starts with letting people know you.Learn to brand yourself.Self-branding isn’t about how you want to present yourself or how you want others to see you. It’s about making people like you and turning them into supporters.It is not advisable to boast too much about yourself.If you are liked and accepted, your goods or services are more likely to be sold.Business, altruistic business, if not to provide benefits to the other side will not be able to do.In the process of doing business if we can build a win-win framework, then the cooperation between the two sides will be able to last for a long time.This is a pleasant event for both parties.No matter what commodity, as long as a lot of people will be happy because of it, moved, it will be more and more popular.This is a principle that applies to any business.Sales of a product are directly proportional to the number of people who feel happy about it;In the same way, a person’s income is proportional to the number of people he can impress.Every business in the world runs on this rule.If you want to earn more money, you have to think about how to make more people happy and moved.Find something you’re Good at If you can’t find something you’re good at right now, put a little more thought into your work.For example, think about what you can do to get the job done faster, what you can do to make the material easier to understand, or how you compare yourself to those who sell well.To be creative means to be free to come up with new ideas.Failing to find something you’re good at may just be a lack of effort.If you approach everything with a “so much for it” attitude, you won’t try your best.It would be a pity to throw away the opportunity to discover your strengths.In this world, more people discover what they are good at at work than what they turn into work.If you want to make a big business, don’t just do peers, to strive to become partners with each other.Partners can solve each other’s problems, come up with new ideas for the future, and ask, “What do you think of this approach?”If the other side agrees on the merits of the proposal, the two sides can build trust and work together.Partners need to set their own quality standards and development goals.This makes the job much more rigorous and difficult.Working with your partner isn’t just about doing what’s assigned to you, it’s also about finding opportunities to propose new ideas and suggest “maybe it would be better this way.”If the value of the proposal is recognized by the other side, the relationship will be redefined and both parties will become irreplaceable partners.The same applies to your boss.It is not enough to gain the trust of your boss to do just enough of his assigned work.Your boss will value you more if you take the time to figure out what you’re good at, show up, and constantly come up with new ideas.Employees and managers have completely different ways of looking at things, which leads to completely different ways of working.The difference is first reflected in the use of time.Managers think about how to improve the company’s performance, and rarely think about how to make it easier for themselves.They think about how to maximize their potential and take action.In the same amount of time, managers work more intensively.Secondly, it is reflected in the attitude towards money.Managers will always pay attention to the financial statements of the company, master the flow of capital of the company, and think about how much the turnover of the company or the department can increase in a day, how much expenditure is incurred in a day, and how much cost and profit are calculated on a monthly or annual basis.If you have a grievance at work, don’t complain to your colleagues. Think about how to solve the problem.You can regard your boss as a business client. It is far from enough to complete your work according to your boss’s orders. In order to get more work and make your boss more satisfied, you should pay more attention to your working methods.11, Sell yourself aloud practice, eliminate anxiety in order to make yourself not nervous, how to do?The most effective way is to eliminate your own insecurities.Before I give a formal presentation, I practice it over and over again — with the material in hand, practicing it out loud.In the process, you’re sure to spot something that doesn’t quite add up, so practice is essential.Once I had fixed what was wrong and figured out the overall process, I would start timing to see how long IT took me.Practice is like buying insurance. It takes care of your insecurities.You don’t have to aim for perfection, but practice everything you can think of to make sure you do everything you can.That way, you can go into the day with confidence.Even if something unexpected happens that day, you can handle it calmly and without panicking.Before you speak, take the time to get to know who’s running the business and the people you’ll be meeting with.If you’re dealing with a larger business, look at their financial statements and get a profile of the people who run them and the people you’ll be meeting with.The rule is that the other person has taken the time to listen to what you have to say.With a certain knowledge reserve, the advantage is that even if you don’t know something, you can honestly say that you don’t know it.If you don’t know anything, it’s obvious that you’re not prepared enough, and it’s natural to be afraid to ask questions.Instead, ask, “I’ve done some research around this, but how exactly?”The other side will also feel that you carefully prepared, so eager to answer for you.Most insecurities can be resolved by gathering information beforehand.On the day of the big presentation, get up earlier than usual and take care of your appearance.Pay attention to your appearance, not just for special occasions.In everyday life, if you take care of yourself consciously, you won’t be afraid to meet important people all of a sudden.Grooming means showering regularly, keeping your body clean, maintaining a clean hair style, avoiding ungroomed clothes, adjusting your body to avoid signs of fatigue, etc.People who can do this have an advantage the moment they meet people.Anyone can do these things. The difference is whether they realize it or not.If you’re not careful, you could miss out on some key opportunities.The only thing you must do before giving a speech is to dispel your own nervousness.By acknowledging your insecurities, you will naturally find ways to deal with them.Before the presentation, I make sure to confirm three key points: our proposal: “is it beneficial to the other side”, “is it achievable”, and “is it consistent with the other side’s philosophy”.I think about these three things carefully every time.Almost everyone you do business with is subconsciously looking for answers to these three questions.So if you are prepared for these three things carefully, the other person will feel that you are really prepared.Smile and Enthusiasm More Important Always wear a smile when you speak.If you give a speech with a serious expression, the listener will feel depressed.So put a smile on your face and start your speech in a light-hearted, “From now on, I’m going to show you something interesting.”Sometimes, trying to make a perfect presentation is a waste of time.Better than a perfect speech is one that leaves room for questions.Sum up what you want to say into a speech iron rule is to focus on the topic you want to say.I understand that you have a lot to say, but if it’s too verbose, it won’t make a lasting impression.Although the importance of telling a good story is often emphasized, the most important thing is to explain the theme as succinctly as possible.Always be prepared to respond methodically, even if the hothead asks, “What are you trying to say?” in the middle of your presentation.In addition to communication, a very important task in business meetings is to provide evidence.The data is convincing, but it can be even more convincing if the content is confirmed and experienced by oneself.In order to obtain the permission of the boss and the manager, the necessary evidence and the verification of their own visits will be more effective.18. Experienced businessmen understand that trouble can arise at any time when doing business.What ultimately becomes a problem is not what happens, but the way the person confronts and solves the problem.All along, I’ve chosen to confront the problem head-on, and few people have ever said to me, “Please give me my money back” or “I’m going to Sue you.”So, when you encounter difficulties, please face them head on first.We all make mistakes at work sometimes, but mistakes themselves are not big problems.Over the years, I’ve made mistakes, big and small.For a businessman, it is more important to be brave and sincere than excellent.If you have the courage to be honest and tell your boss “I made a mistake” after a mistake, in most cases it will end well.A positive response is a good way to resolve disputes.In business dealings, no matter how carefully prepared, how careful, there will be mistakes, the important thing is how to deal with the mistakes.The first step is to determine when initial action can be taken as soon as possible.If it’s a serious mistake, report it immediately.The more serious the mistake, the more frightening it is, and the ability to act quickly after the mistake determines what happens afterwards.The immediate thing to do after a mistake is to meet with the person involved and be frank about what happened.How far things go depends on how the initial action unfolds.Instead of trying to figure out how to apologize, meet the person in person or simply explain the situation in an email.Adversity, more can test a person’s action.Don’t put patience when patience predicament need patience.My real experience has taught me that if I let my emotions get in the way when I’m in trouble, things get worse.Things that bother and annoy you are everywhere in your daily life.When something is bothering me, I suddenly become cranky, but after seven seconds, I gradually calm down by thinking, “These things happen all the time.”Not angry does not mean that there is no sense of justice, it just means that no matter what happens, I will face it with a mentality of “all kinds of things can happen in this world”.Patience is understanding.Not to force yourself to endure, but to face everything with the mentality that “as long as I persevere a little bit, my heart can become stronger”.Don’t tell yourself that you are enduring. It may be the secret of patience.Training awareness in work, awareness is very important, it can help you predict what will happen in the future.If a person has this ability, he can deal with many difficult situations.When a dispute arises, you can eliminate the dissatisfaction of the other party to the greatest extent if you can identify and focus on the issues that the other party values most.People who are good at problem solving are also good at perception.Now try to imagine the scale and duration of the problem.