The Spring of White Alkali Lake is a novel written by Liu Hu for the centenary of the founding of the Party

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The spring of White Alkali Lake is a novel written by writer Liu Hu for the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.It is an epic novel about the Chinese revolution and the fight against poverty in New China. It tells a touching story about the revolutionary women who took root in the west and led the people of the west to build their homes and achieve prosperity together.The works span from the late 1930s to the late 1990s.A Red Army team in the west, was blocked by the enemy, and Ou Qiao hope is a abandoned the east China Sea rich young lady life, take the initiative to participate in the revolution of the Red Army female army doctor.She became separated from her team and stumbled onto an island in the middle of the frozen White Alkali Lake.On the island ready to pick up eggs to give birth to the mother to add some meager nutrition boy Double Found Ou Qiao hope, and her father saved her home.That night, double celebrate mother difficult labor, Ou Qiao hope to exhaust methods, also only saved the baby, double celebrate mother died.The next day, the enemy into the village to hunt for the Red Army, the boy a brave help, let Ou Qiao look forward to posing as the mother of double celebration, deceived the enemy.The boy’s father in order to let Ou Qiao hope to return as soon as possible, adventure to report the news, the results were killed halfway…Facing the loss of parents, only great-grandmother and baby brother and sister of the double celebration, Ou Qiaopan decided to stay, with the boy family to overcome difficulties, to welcome the arrival of spring.Year after year, the revolution was won, and her former comrades found Ou Qiaopan, but she refused the opportunity to return to the city, saying that she would take the people of Baijian Lake to change the current situation of not having enough to eat and not wearing warm clothes.You ditch, pond, days over, the better, more and more beautiful white alkali lake, and refused to foreign investment in key sectors such as seed funding, support grandchildren developed saline-alkali land is suitable for the northwest of the wheat seed, realization, the job will take into his own hands in spread revolution after the fire, and for local sow the seeds of a better life.Ou Qiaopan’s sisters who lived abroad also came back to visit her. They wanted to take Ou Qiaopan away with them, but Ou Qiaopan said with a smile: Motherland is everywhere hometown, and I am like the gull that has flown to White alkali Lake from the shore of the East China Sea, and has already made white alkali Lake my home.Loved ones so-called lost, it is his life without regret choice.The whole work is magnificent and solid in details. The twists and turns of the plot show the power of the spirit everywhere. It is a very heavy, historical and contemporary masterpiece that can inspire people to march forward and struggle constantly.Liu Hu, a member of Chinese Writers Association, is known as “the king of western animal novels.Published novels “Snow year”, “Fly over the Himalayas”, “Queen of the Night”, “White Deer”, “Ice Collapse”, “the Ultimate dinosaur” and more than 10 books.Gansu children’s literature has been continuously selected eight jun.His works have won liang Bin Prize for Fiction, Sun Li Prize for Prose, Chen Bopui International Children’s Literature Prize, and The Champion of Children’s Books. He has also been shortlisted for 2018 China Good Books, and selected for 2019 Outstanding Young People’s Books Publishing Project of The Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee.Mai Bei mall – authentic products at low prices, express delivery timely, a comprehensive online shopping mall to buy and sell babies