Strictly guard epidemic prevention pass, have a good peace year!Epidemic prevention and control in public places is not slacking off in Yueqing, Zhejiang Province

2022-08-23 0 By

During the Spring Festival, the flow of people is frequent, so epidemic prevention and control in public places is particularly important.Recently, the reporter came to urban shopping malls, vegetable markets, libraries, supermarkets and other public places for field visits.The vegetable market is the most dense place in the world.Early in the morning of February 3, the reporter came to le Cheng Central vegetable Market.At the entrance, two volunteers in red vests were guiding the citizens to open wenzhou epidemic prevention code. Before entering the gate of the wet market, the citizens also needed to scan the temperature and wear masks before entering.At the scene, staff member Lin Ting told reporters that he and another staff on duty every day from 6 to 18 hours to sit at the entrance to check the health code, take the temperature.Later, the reporter walked around the market and observed that both vendors and shoppers were willing to wear masks.At 10 o ‘clock, the reporter came to Yueqing Nanhong Square, in the underground parking lot, was first asked to show wenzhou epidemic prevention code to enter.”In accordance with the relevant regulations, south hong plaza underground parking garage is equipped with three entrances, epidemic prevention staff are on duty every entrance, the first floor is equipped with four entrances, each gateway has two staff on duty, and each point is equipped with intelligent temperature measuring instrument, to enter the citizens need to look at the scan code detection of wenzhou epidemic prevention code permission to enter.”Staff Hu Linyu introduced, the Spring Festival and usual no difference, the epidemic prevention of shopping malls has been strictly implemented.This morning, Ms. Li took her son to the Yueqing City Library. After scanning the code at the door, measuring the temperature and wearing a mask, she came to the second floor to borrow books.According to the relevant regulations of Yueqing City on epidemic prevention and control, the library has implemented the management of “flow restriction, reservation and staggered peak”. Citizens can make an appointment at the wechat official account of Yueqing City Library or at the entrance. After entering the library, they need to take a seat according to the “other seat” mark on the desk.”Please wear masks, take your temperature, and show wenzhou epidemic prevention code…”At 10 am, the jinma store of Lelian Supermarket in downtown Was displaying the relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control.The reporter saw at the gate that epidemic prevention workstations were set up at the entrance, and special personnel were arranged for inspection and registration. Customers could enter the supermarket only after scanning code, measuring temperature and wearing masks.”In accordance with the requirements of the city’s epidemic prevention and control work, customers and staff should wear masks when entering the store, and we will also remind some consumers who do not wear masks correctly.”The supermarket said that at present, all kinds of offline promotion, exhibition activities have also been suspended.Source: Yueqing Rong Media Center reporter Wu Mengmeng Huang Cheng