She sees patients, she doesn’t see people

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In the Peking Union Medical College Hospital, there is an old yellowed photograph, taken in 1930, with a small footprint of a baby. Along with the photograph is a birth record.It also clearly noted that it was a baby boy, weighing 3,690 grams.This photo is the birth photo of Yuan Longping, the father of hybrid rice in China, and the file is signed by the doctor who delivered him, Lin Qiaozhi.All we know about her is that she is a famous doctor of obstetrics and gynecology, one of the main pioneers and founders of Chinese obstetrics and gynecology.Few Chinese over 50 who have read books today do not know the name Lin Qiaozhi.Her contribution to modern obstetrics and gynecology in China is irreplaceable.And she was more than a doctor.Today we speak not of her medical contributions, but of her character.For it was her character that made her so high that it was impossible to pass.In July 1921, Lin Qiaozhi, after graduating from high school, learned that a medical school run by an American in Beijing was recruiting students across the country, so she went to Shanghai from Gulangyu island in Xiamen by boat with her companion to take part in the entrance examination of Peking Union Medical College.During the English test, her female companion Yu Qiongying fainted due to heat stroke in the examination room. Lin Qiaozhi immediately interrupted the test and carried Yu Qiongying quickly to the shade with another girl.By the time I got back to the examination room after dealing with this incident, the exam was over.That year, out of 150 excellent candidates from all over China, only 25 were admitted, and Lin lost all hope for the results because she didn’t finish the test paper.However, to her surprise, a month later, she received the admission notice unexpectedly!On the same day, the examiner who watched her silently in the examination room found that Lin Qiaozhi had the good qualities that a good doctor should have. First, she could speak fluent English, which was very important for her study in XIS.Second, to deal with emergencies calmly, decisively and orderly, which is an indispensable quality for a doctor.Third, her overall test scores were not low.Outside the examination room, Lin qiaozhi’s spirit of sacrificing herself to save others moved the examiner, so she wrote a report on Lin qiaozhi’s performance, attached to the back of the examination paper, and finally was admitted by the hospital.After graduation, Lin qiaozhi worked at Peking Union Medical College Hospital.In 1941, during the Japanese invasion of China, the Union Hospital was forced to close and some doctors chose to leave, but Lin Qiaozhi chose to stay in Peiping.She opened a gynecological clinic at No. 10 Dongtangzi Hutong in Peiping, and women came to see the doctor in an endless stream.Lin qiaozhi made no distinction between the ladies in gold and silver and the commoners in ragged clothes.If the poor cannot afford medical expenses, Lin Qiaozhi also gives free treatment and medicine.Sometimes, Lin Qiaozhi even rode a donkey to the countryside to see the poor women in person.At the end of 1948, the People’s Liberation Army troops approached beiping city, beiping city defense commander Fu Zuoyi’s wife, to Lin Qiaozhi sent a general Fu’s autograph ticket, can take any flight to any city, Mrs. Fu said in particular: “This is how many people with gold bar can not come.”Lin Qiaozhi declined Mrs. Fu’s kindness, she wanted to stay in the Union hospital to guard her patients.In her mind, healing people is her mission.The new regime was established, Lin Qiaozhi received an invitation to the founding ceremony, but she did not go.She said to her colleagues, “I’m a doctor. What should I do?My patients need me more. I need to be there for them.”After 1950, some famous intellectuals joined the Party.Zhou enlai asked Lin qiaozhi about joining the Party and Lin qiaozhi replied, “An honest person cannot deceive the organization and cannot deceive himself.As a Christian, I am afraid it will be inconvenient for me to join the Party.”In 1958, during the Great Leap forward in China, hospitals simplified many medical regulations, and leaders proposed to improve hand-washing methods for surgical disinfection.Give hand disinfect, wash so long, so many times, slow, how great leap forward?Washing hands before surgery has been the norm for more than 100 years, and tests have shown that less than one wash, or a few minutes less, can lead to far more bacteria on hands than regular washing, increasing the chance of infection during surgery.The leap forward approach to hand washing costs patients their lives.But no one dared to contradict the leader, everyone was silent.At this time, Lin Qiaozhi stood up to speak.She went to the party secretary of the hospital and asked, “Would you like us to wash your hands three times or once for your operation?Five minutes at a time, or three?”The secretary had a headache when he saw her posture. When Concorde was taken over, it was also the old lady who did not buy the account of the military management association.The secretary knew that she was supported by her own personality. In the face of Lin Qiaozhi’s query, the secretary was speechless.Once, Lin Qiaozhi came to beidaihe to see a doctor to the head of the central government.Lin Qiaozhi said: “sick should go to the hospital to see, I go to Beidaihe how to do inspection?”The secretary of the hospital knew that this was not an ordinary commander, nor would it be anything wrong, so he told Lin Qiaozhi that they would come to the hospital if they were sick, and they just wanted the doctor to serve them.Before this head also called others, others are called away, the appearance of supreme glory, only this Lin Qiaozhi did not buy it.Lin Qiaozhi finally went out of the medical profession.But the secretary does not trust, also personally went to Beidaihe.To Beidaihe, ask the leadership to live in the villa number, the secretary has guessed that the service may be Jiangqing.It was a hot day, but the thought of seeing Jiang Qing sent a chill through the secretary’s heart.After waiting for some time in the reception room, Jiang Qing arrived. As soon as she entered the room, she greeted Lin with a smile, “Ah, Doctor Lin, you are here!”Jiang Qing had seen Lin Qiaozhi before, and they knew each other.Lin Qiaozhi manner calmly say: “I come for a while.”The secretary breathed a sigh of relief.Lin Qiaozhi asked Jiang Qing what was wrong.”Nothing,” said Jiang Qing. “I just feel sick.”She let Lin Qiaozhi give her touch, the body is long thing.Lin Qiaozhi followed her to the bedroom for an examination. When she came out, she said, “It’s all right. You should relax, exercise more and worry less.”Jiang Qing asked, “Do you mean I’m not ill?”Lin Qiaozhi said: “Yes, you are too nervous.””Why should I be nervous?”Jiang Qing said angrily, “Are you sure I’m not ill?”The secretary’s heart lifted up, who dare to ensure that the president’s wife did not ill ah!He is afraid of Lin Qiaozhi straightforwardness, and worried that Jiang Qing’s attitude will make Lin Qiaozhi angry.She can’t afford to be upset.He stood up and winked at Lin Qiaozhi.Lin Qiaozhi went to the pool to wash her hands. She turned her head and said, “I’m a doctor. I tell the truth.Jiang Qing opened her mouth, unable to find anything to say, so she said, “You can go now.”The secretary hurriedly helped Lin Qiaozhi to take the case to go out.Lin Qiaozhi took leave of Jiang Qing for a while.Jiang Qing said in a shrill voice, “Why are you still using the American medicine box?”Lin Qiaozhi said, “It’s a pity to throw it away.”Lin Qiaozhi only sees patients when dealing with daily outpatient service.Sometimes, a nurse would warn her of a special appointment in the waiting room.These special patients are often the wife of an important official, the wife of a foreign embassy or consulate.Lin Qiaozhi always said without looking back: “Serious illness is the real special.”One day, Lin Qiaozhi’s consulting room came in two women waiting for treatment, they are dressed in plain gray cloth Lenin, hanging is the expert number.Lin Qiaozhi said to them, “Don’t wear this kind of number any more. It costs a lot more money.I also go to the general clinic. It’s all the same, just a little longer.”The expert was 10 times more expensive.The middle-aged woman nodded politely and answered, “Ok.”After seeing the patient off, someone asked Lin Qiaozhi, “Do you know who saw you just now?”Lin Qiaozhi shook her head carelessly: “I see so many patients every day that I never care about the history, let alone remember their names.””She is the wife of Premier Zhou Enlai!””Is it?Lin Qiaozhi took a look at the medical records, it was Deng Yingchao.Kang Keqing, Wife of Zhu De, wrote in an article recalling Lin Qiaozhi: The biggest characteristic of Lin Qiaozhi’s treatment was that no matter the patients were senior cadres or poor farmers, she was equally serious and responsible.She’s a doctor, not a nurse.Among doctors at Peking Union Medical College Hospital, there is a story about Lin Qiaozhi: In one exam, Lin qiaozhi asked each student to observe the whole process of 10 primordiums giving birth and write a complete labor report in English.As a result, only one case report was rated “excellent” and the others were “failing”.The students couldn’t figure it out, so they went to Professor Lin for advice.Lin qiaozhi said seriously, “There are no mistakes in your records, but they are incomplete and have omitted a very important content.”And examine their own medical records, students think of record has been relatively comprehensive ah, is really can’t think of anything missed, and were afraid to ask more, then secretly go to see the best records, it was found that the records are no difference, just as much more excellent medical records in such a words: “maternal forehead have bean big sweat…””Don’t think this sentence is unimportant,” Lin Qiaozhi said seriously, noticing the student’s indifference. “Only when you pay attention to these details will you know how to observe the puerpera.Individual and unexpected changes often occur during childbirth.I emphasize this detail so that you can develop the idea that all examinations and treatments are just methods and procedures, and that care and care for the patient is the only thing.”Lin Qiaozhi was once classified as a “key object of reform” and a “reactionary academic authority”. She was dismissed as a doctor and assigned to a ward as a nurse. She could only give injections, deliver medicine, clean bedpans and empty spittoons.During her worst years, she could not even work as a nurse and was sent to clean toilets.This is an insult and torture for a doctor.But, Lin Qiaozhi still seriously every ceramic tile in the toilet, brush so white shine.Although she never had children, but personally delivered more than 50,000 babies, respected as the “mother of ten thousand babies”, “angel of life”, “Madonna of Chinese medicine”…All her life, she had put her character on the balance of being a human being, making all flatterers lose weight.Lin Qiaozhi died in 1983.After her death, her savings of 30,000 yuan were donated to the hospital’s nursery in accordance with her will, and her ashes were scattered into the sea on Gulangyu Island.Someone once asked an interesting question: “If a woman were to be printed on the Renminbi, who should it be?”But one woman got a big vote of approval.She is Lin Qiaozhi.Lin Qiaozhi was born to be a man, and she was kind all her life.As a healer, she was the ferryman of life. In her eyes, nothing could interfere with her duties as a healer.As bingxin said so, Lin Qiaozhi has a medical benevolence, life for the service of her burning.She lived such a full life that she was destined to be admired and sung.After Lin Qiaozhi passed away, gulangyu Island of Xiamen built Lin Qiaozhi Memorial Hall named “Yuyuan” in May 1984.Among them, “Yu” means to cultivate and nurture, which is the commemoration of his life training and bringing up a large number of medical talents, personally delivered more than 50,000 babies.Information source: 2022-02-05 wechat official account thoughts Bookstore ID: Woshisixiangzhe this article is forwarded to share, the source has been indicated.It does not mean that the platform approves or opposes the views of the original author. The responsibility and copyright belong to the original author.Reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information, if there is infringement, please contact delete.