Chinese companies have caught the good times

2022-08-23 0 By

Who is the real “cargo king” now?Beijing 2022, of course.Some netizens jokingly, the opening ceremony of the national delegation admission link is completely down jacket large “grass” scene;As the designated snack sponsor of the Winter Olympic Games, Panpan’s 32 star products entered the Winter Olympic Village in advance, and the vlog is popular all over the Internet…This time, Chinese brands played a good game at the Beijing Winter Olympics on their doorstep, with a number of Chinese brands riding on the momentum and gaining a wave of global presence.It should be said that the rise of Chinese brands is inevitable.Chinese companies have been known to invest in research and development for years, are increasingly attractive to global talent and have the most resilient supply chains.It is only a matter of time before Chinese brands dominate the global market.Why did it all happen so fast?As we all know, from product to quality to brand, this is all good enterprises must overcome the three obstacles, but it takes time to overcome the obstacles.In particular, brand building itself is a systematic project. Every step taken during the period not only needs the support of comprehensive capabilities such as technology, talent and management, but also needs the recognition of the market.In other words, when it comes to brand building, “enterprise excellence” is only a necessary condition. If there is no good business environment, the road to brand building will be more difficult.Fortunately, Today’s Chinese companies have caught up with the good times.From the perspective of domestic environment, with the economic development and consumption upgrading, the pockets of Chinese people are bulging, the consumption ability is improved, and the home advantage of Chinese brands is highlighted.At the same time, with the overall improvement of China’s comprehensive strength, consumers have greatly improved their recognition of local brands, and the rise of domestic products has become a trend.In terms of the international environment, as China opens wider to the outside world, more and more countries and regions have come to know and love China.As the COVID-19 pandemic hits global supply chains, more and more foreign consumers are turning to Chinese products;Chinese companies are gaining more experience in “going global”, and Chinese brands are gaining greater international influence and competitiveness.The rise of Chinese brands is not only the success of enterprises themselves, but also the success of this era.However, it is one of the quintessence of Traditional Chinese culture to be prepared for danger in times of peace.For today’s Chinese brands, the achievement in hand is certainly worth rejoicing, but the pressure of upgrading is also like shadow.From Chinese quality to Chinese brand this step, we have taken the past, from Chinese brand to Chinese standard?Has the moat of Chinese brand INTELLECTUAL property been dug?Brand building is a long battle, fierce competition is still going on.(Han Xu source: Economic Daily) Source: Economic Daily