Toilet did not hit cabinet again, board goes all out go all out embed 6 net basket, pull one push to receive easily

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Abroad is very strange, some people are clearly home toilet is not large, but it is like to a washing machine in the bathroom, cause a lot of things in a mess, but the toilet is damper, and don’t spend money to play the cabinets, a few boards to spell a spell, embedded 6 on top, a push pull easily receive, covers an area of less than 1 ㎡ easily get 3 ㎡ receive a space,The owner is a bit clever!Top in other space does not recommend widespread use in the home, is the main difference of illicit close sex, place such as kitchen, lampblack heavy will shelter evil people and practices easily, but the toilet is different, first of all, it is a private space, the second space damp, top can be well ventilated, especially the laundry basket, practicality is really high.Below we will see specific how to design net basket to receive area in toilet doorway!Step1: flank is good the dimension of the corner of door of your home toilet, this every toilet is different, the length that has decided good board undertakes again suit and assemble, need 4 board only, assemble rise also is very simple.Pay attention to the board and the door reserved more than 5 cm distance, do not affect the daily opening and closing.Step2: Details should also be processed in place, if there is a skirting line behind, the bottom should be cut to ensure a better fit with the wall, and the bottom should also be raised 7cm to avoid direct ground contact at the bottom and prevent moisture.Step3: add small wooden strips to the inside of the board, they will be used as a ledge to support each basket, so that the net basket can be fixed in it well.The easiest way to install them is to drill some holes beforehand, insert the screws in half, hold them in place and hammer them all in.Step4: in the corner corner place of board with white batten undertake consolidate.Step5: it is the process that brushes lacquer finally, interior chooses white to be consistent with net basket, the exterior is consistent with metope, more unified on the vision, after waiting for paint to dry, net basket is fixed above OK!Close owner still fixed a small brand outside every net basket, above can undertake differentiate according to the article of every ministry or be in the home each member, classification receives take ability to go to the lavatory.In fact, the whole process is not complicated, the cost is not high, the plastic net basket is not easy to rust, bad can be replaced at any time, daily storage can also take it down directly, more flexible than the cabinet use, if you feel bad, add a cabinet door effect should be better!(Photo from Internet)