Tide elements into the traditional folk li Pu “intangible heritage” people’s winter Olympics lanterns adorable

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Lantern Festival, lantern tour.When the Lantern Festival meets the grand event of the Winter Olympic Games, in the voice of “one trick is hard to find” on the Internet, the lantern of the winter Olympic elements by Wang Jun, a person of the Li Pu intangible cultural Heritage, is finished, which is adorable to everyone.On February 14, Wang Jun turned a small switch hidden under the lamp in her studio.Twinkling light from the two lanterns lit up, the Olympic elements lanterns with the most current elements into the Lantern Festival lantern traditional folk, simple and charming, exquisite lovely.Wang Jun said, “It took about ten days to make the two lanterns, and one of them only wanted to make a partial shape, but after making the first version, I thought it would be better to make the whole one. With the repeated adjustment of the arc of the bamboo bone on the face, it took three attempts to complete.The skeleton of ‘Peace Dove’ is more complicated, and it is not easy to fix the skeleton and paper the lamp.”However, in order to pursue the original traditional feeling, Wang Jun gave up using more convenient shaping wire as the skeleton, and gave up using glue to fix the skeleton.”Starting with bamboo bones, we follow the traditional lantern making techniques step by step.”According to Wang jun, this is not her first attempt at image transplantation.Since 2014, when he started to make intangible heritage handicrafts, the props with eye edges in popular costume dramas or ancient books and paintings in recent years have all been the source of inspiration for Wang Jun.At present, in Wang Jun’s studio, they stick to the traditional cloth carp lamp with wagging head and wagging tail, and the Jade Rabbit and Crabapple gauze lamp made by referring to film and television elements, which are both interesting.”As soon as the lantern featuring Olympic elements was posted on wechat, many people were interested in it.”Wang Jun said, “With the heat of the Winter Olympics high, the ‘intangible cultural heritage’ lanterns have attracted a lot of attention.”While talking, a child accompanied by his parents came to choose the style of the lotus lamp and experienced the production of the lantern on site.As a matter of fact, wang Jun’s first contact with intangible cultural heritage was not lanterns but paper-cuts. He was once taught by Chen Suyue, the provincial non-hereditary inheritor of Lanxi paper-cuts.The design foundation formed at that time enabled her to integrate “intangible heritage” skills and elements into handmade crafts.In recent years, Wang Jun has tried more “intangible heritage” crafts, including cloth lanterns, bamboo bone paper lanterns, gauze palace lanterns, etc., as well as paper pulp paintings, soft pottery and painted masks.The handicraft research integrating intangible cultural heritage elements also filled Wang Jun’s schedule for these two days.”To make ‘intangible cultural heritage’ crafts, you need to be useful and interactive so that people can accept and like them.Only when the intangible cultural heritage is integrated into contemporary aesthetics of life can it come alive.”In Wang Jun’s opinion, the pleasure of making intangible cultural heritage handicraft lies in it.(reporter Chen Wu) declaration: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com