Students escape from the fear of being dominated by homework at the IFLYtek AI learning machine “Make mistakes and change” subway station

2022-08-22 0 By

Although now the winter vacation officially opened, Spring Festival footsteps approaching.The Students’ party is stuck in “let yourself go” mode.But no one expected that a subway station in recent days would awaken the fear of being at the mercy of homework.However, this time, the students are very happy to see its success, because this time is the IFLYTEK AI learning machine to create a “mistake – can change” subway station.How can study be so fun?As expected, it is very interesting, but also let everyone’s enthusiasm for learning rose to a high level.Iflytec AI learning machine before joining hands with Fu Seoul to carry out a wave of “know mistakes · can change” activities, the response is quite good.As an AI product brand favored by both parents and students, iFlytek recently launched a series of activities, which are full of fun.In particular, the subway station of “Knowing mistakes and being able to change”, with all kinds of funny slogans and questions, really opened up a new way to the originally boring learning.A light year is the time that light travels in a year. Why do you feel cold when you swim ashore? It is windy!Such as the interesting text, filled the subway station.Of course, there are some more interesting questions that you can check for yourself and see if you know the right answer.This way of finding and correcting mistakes really lit up the new fun of learning.Many parents and students know that IFLYtek, as one of the first batch of national open innovation platform of new generation artificial intelligence, the first state key laboratory of cognitive intelligence, the first National engineering laboratory of speech and Language Information Processing, and the industrialization base of national 863 Program achievements, has been deeply engaged in smart education for 18 years.Iflytek has been providing oral English assessment and essay correcting technology for the national college entrance examination, cet 4 and CET 6 for 8 consecutive years.At present, IFlytek smart education products have been widely used in 32 provincial administrative units in China, Japan, Singapore and other overseas markets, and in-depth cooperation with more than 50,000 schools in China, serving more than 100 million teachers and students.Taking THE IFLYTEK AI learning machine T10 as an example, it provides students with personalized and precise learning paths with the main functions of AI error diagnosis, AI oral evaluation and AI composition correction.For example, the AI error diagnosis, just need to take a picture of the math test paper can be intelligent correction, and accurate push questions.Finally, the elimination of the same type of easy error.Another example is AI oral evaluation, which uses the same origin evaluation technology to help correct pronunciation errors and make children speak oral English boldly.AI composition correction can intelligent correction of Chinese composition and English composition, in accordance with the same origin of the national college entrance examination English correction technology, from the article structure, expression, content and other multidimensional evaluation, accurate push learning resources, guide to improve children’s writing ability.Even the personalized precision learning system of THE IFLYTEK AI learning machine T10 can find out children’s weaknesses with only a few questions, and conduct “special training” only for the weaknesses, consolidate the learned knowledge and develop personalized learning paths.To the greatest extent to reduce children’s learning burden, save learning time, improve learning efficiency.There is no doubt that iFLYTEK AI learning machine T10, such an “all-in-one” learning machine, can reduce the pressure of value guidance education, also reduce the pressure of children’s learning, and improve efficiency.It not only responded to the call of the national double reduction policy, but also achieved the “double reduction” effect.It’s no surprise that this learning machine is well received by parents and students.