Story: With love in her heart and light in her eyes, a six-year-old girl carries a family alone

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Article | Sue blah figure sail sail | Sue blah edition with the improvement of quality of life, people are becoming more and more heavy for kids, especially those that are only children, clothing to hand, foot, in his mouth was afraid of, hold in your hand is afraid of fall, very popular.In such a social background, lead to many children common lazy, have time to play cell phone games, sleeping until noon, day and night what also not stem, eat to eat good, to use with a good, a little unpleasant place is easy to be angry with their parents, in the home is just like a little emperor.But even the star-studded universe has black holes like no other.In 2017, there was a five-year-old girl in a small mountain village in Huichuan District, Zunyi, Guizhou province. Her parents had not been around since she was a child, and she had not received any care from them.Since the age of five, the little girl has been responsible for most of the household chores, such as cooking, washing clothes and carrying water. Not only that, but she also has two elderly people in her family to take care of, namely her grandmother and great-grandmother.Even in this situation, the little girl never complained about life, and whenever people came to visit her, she greeted them with a smile like a hostess.When the reporter interviewed the little girl’s family, saw the little girl busy up and down to take care of the life of the two old people, but also a smile to accept the interview, even if she did not have any unhappy, even if she was still optimistic, but made the people present feel a sense of inexplicable sadness.I believe many friends have a question in mind, where is the little girl’s parents, why would they leave two elderly people to a five-year-old child to take care of them?Follow xiaobian together, we see through!Her father was sentenced to 15 years in prison for economic crimes before her mother was even born.Little Anna had not yet been born. There were five of her parents, her grandparents and a great-grandmother.When her father went to prison, the burden of the family fell on her mother and her elderly grandfather.As we all know, Guizhou is an economically underdeveloped province, while Huichuan District in Zunyi is a remote area with relatively backward local development. The local families are not very rich, and their income mainly depends on the old generation farming at home and the young people working outside to make a living.Little Anna’s grandmother has not been in good health, so the work in the field is basically handled by grandpa alone, but at that time her mother pregnant with little Anna, mobility difficulties and did not go out to work, they did some housework at home and take care of the two old people.Life dragged on from day to day, but Anna’s mother was still young and she could not bear being widowed.So seven months after the birth of little Anna, he left little Anna, quietly ran away from home, and never came back, never returned any news.Later, little Anna’s grandfather later heard from someone that his wife had remarried to another village, even though the two villages were not very far apart, but never visited her.Because they think that each man has his own interests, his daughter-in-law has the right to pursue her own happiness again, after all, she is still young.After the mother left, the elderly grandparents will shoulder the responsibility of taking care of little Anna, grandma is not in good health, can not do heavy work, they stay at home to take care of the mother-in-law has more than 90 years old and little Anna, because there is no money to buy milk powder, they boil fresh rice paste to feed little Anna.And little Anna’s grandfather a person to take care of more than ten acres of farmland, every day with an office worker, the heavy work in the field put him tired like an old ox, every day is bent back.But he can’t fall down, because behind him are the old and the sick, and if they fall down, where will they go?”Seeing little Anna so young and his wife and mother so frail, grandpa kept praying that he could hang on for a few more years.But fate has a funny way of making things happen, and accidents happen when they are least expected.In 2016, due to years of overwork, grandpa fell ill, and once he fell down, he never got up.Before his death, grandpa looked at little Anna and his old wife, who had not yet grown up. His eyes showed how much he cared about them. He thought of leaving his bleak life behind and could not imagine how they would live without him.But God never brought their misery back to grandpa, and he was gone.When grandpa died, the important task of the family can only be handed to the sick grandma, in order to feed the elderly mother-in-law and little granddaughter, seriously ill grandma wiped away tears, and took the responsibility of making money to support the family.Unable to do heavy work, grandma had to go around the village doing odd jobs for her neighbors. Thanks for the pocket money to supplement the family income.At this time, little Anna just turned 5 years old, while her grandmother went out to work, little Anna will take care of her great grandmother.In the beginning, little Anna could not do much, but she could also boil hot water to wipe her face and body, help her to bask in the sun and talk to her.When grandma came home from a hard day’s work, little Anna would beat her back and rub her hands and feet.Later, because grandma often went out to do odd jobs, little Anna will learn to wash clothes and cook meals, let grandma home can eat delicious meals, after dinner, cleaning the kitchen, washing dishes by little Anna took over.Grandma dragged her sick body to work hard to make money, it is really very hard, but Anna’s sensible and clever, for grandma is a great comfort.Even though her back was aching after a busy day, every time she came home and saw little Anna, she laughed and called grandma, as if she was cured instantly and completely forgot her exhaustion.It would have been nice to have lived like this until little Anna grew up, but god forbid.When grandma went to the hospital for an examination, the doctor said that she had synovial arthritis, which was very serious and needed to be hospitalized.Grandma knew that her family was already suffering. How could she have any extra money for medical treatment?”Grandma disregarded the doctor’s advice, endured the severe pain in her leg, and returned home silently.Then she persevered for a while, still going out to do odd jobs every day, hoping to earn as much money as possible for the family before the illness became serious.One morning, grandma woke up with synovial arthritis erupting like a volcano. Grandma couldn’t get out of bed anymore. From then on, the responsibility of taking care of the two elderly people fell on little Anna.Under the guidance of grandma, little Anna quickly learned to do this kind of housework, cooking vegetables, washing and carrying water, cleaning and so on.Because the kitchen stoves were high, Anna was not tall enough, so she brought a stool and stood on it, carefully cutting vegetables with a knife.She was weak, so she only filled half a pail at a time, and then continued.Since her great-grandmother has lost the ability to look after herself, little Anna would feed her at mealtimes, and when she was finished, she would eat her share.After dinner, she began to wash clothes and do some cleaning.At night, she would boil the hot water, adjust the temperature, wash the feet of the two elderly people, and then wait for them to go to bed, the little Anna would be content to crawl into her own bed.As for little Anna’s suffering, the neighborhood often help her, her family’s situation has been reported to the city’s poverty alleviation office.After the investigation of the staff of the poverty alleviation Office, little Anna’s family was rated as a subsistence allowance, and they can enjoy certain subsidies and help every month. Even though the money is not much, it is already a very important source of living for little Anna’s family.When the staff asked little Anna about her situation, they found that little Anna did not complain to them, but showed a bright innocent smile, as if she was a pampered little princess.But even though little Anna is obedient and strong, she is still a five-year-old girl and will miss her parents sometimes.Once, when the staff of the poverty Alleviation office came to visit her and asked her about her parents, Little Anna showed them the photos of her parents which she had kept for a long time. Pointing to the people in the photos, she told the staff, “These are my parents and I miss them very much.”As she spoke, little Anna’s eyes suddenly filled with tears that could not be stopped by wiping them with her hands.The staff were moved by Anna’s plight and wanted to help her wish come true.After the local village committee fought, Little Anna’s father Wang got the chance to visit his family. This was the first time that the seven-year-old Anna had seen her father since she was born, and the first time that wang, as a father, had seen his daughter.When they met, they cried, but Little Anna would not let go of her father’s hand.Later, Wang and his family had a long-lost reunion dinner, where Anna cooked most of the food on the table and kept picking up dishes for her father.Looking at so sensible and strong daughter, Wang’s canthus involuntarily shed two lines of tears.But he is still in prison and can not stay long, but this visit to the home let Wang feel deeply.Before she left, Anna told her father that she hoped he would come back soon to be with her and her grandmother.After sitting in a police car, Wang also frequently looked back to the direction of home, he is very grateful to the government to give him and his family’s help, he has been deeply aware of the cost of crime, decided to reform in prison, for leniency, and family reunion as soon as possible.Since then, the village council has not only renovated the family’s home, but also added a toilet, a concrete path, a new look inside and outside, as well as new furniture and supplies.Little Anna, who was nearly six years old at the time, successfully enrolled in a local kindergarten with the help of the government.In 2017, little Anna’s story was reported by the news media, causing a strong response in the society, and she was selected as the most beautiful filial piety teenager in China.At that time, she did not quite understand the significance of the award on the stage. She only knew that what she had done was praised by adults, which made her very happy.Just a year later, Little Anna’s great-grandmother died at the age of 93.Subratufan: Having a father in prison, a mother remarrying, a grandfather dying is a very difficult experience for anyone, let alone a young girl.But she has to tender shoulders to carry the responsibility of the whole family, neither humble nor arrogant, never abandon, for decades to take care of her grandmother and great-grandmother, her sensible heartache, let a person shed tears!See that day day sun and moon, constant silent, this filial piety can sing a years stay incense, sing a song of the past float in the sky!I sincerely wish little Anna a healthy growth and a safe life.One foot on a violet leaves its fragrance on the sole of the shoe [quote].