Shandong group standards how to apply?What are the conditions?

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Group standards have important guiding significance for enterprises to carry out activities related to production and management.So how do enterprises in Shandong apply for group standards, what are the application conditions, the development process, what is the declaration cycle?Under what conditions can group standards be established?Generally, more than 3 similar units should be contacted to formulate.The technical requirements shall not be lower than the relevant technical requirements of the mandatory standards.The name of the standard shall not overlap with the existing group standard.The group standard formulation process mainly includes: proposal, project establishment, drafting, soliciting opinions, technical review, approval, release, review and repeal.1. Members of the proposal group and any units cooperating with them shall initiate project proposals and report them to the association for review.2. The expert evaluation team shall evaluate the feasibility and necessity of the project, and make plans for the issuance of “approved project” for the evaluation opinions of the project.3. The unit proposing the drafting project shall be responsible for setting up the drafting working group and determining the main drafting personnel to carry out the drafting preparation work, including data collection, domestic and foreign situation analysis, necessary investigation, experimental verification, etc.4. Soliciting Opinions The materials for soliciting opinions include the draft standard, compilation instructions and relevant attachments, and the opinions and suggestions should be solicited from relevant industry experts, producers, operators, users, testing and certification institutions, government departments, etc. by E-mail or online publicity, and the time limit is generally 30-40 working days.5, technical review expert group to carry out technical review of standards, review generally adopt meeting review.6. Approval, Numbering and Release The standard number of the approved group standards shall be issued and published on the national group standards information platform.7. Review and repeal shall be reviewed by the applicant, and the review period shall not exceed 2 years;Abolishing standards that are no longer necessary.