Limiting dietary cholesterol affects Americans and Asians differently!Circulation research

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Before 2015, dietary guidelines recommended daily dietary cholesterol intake, but updated guidelines in 2015 found no clear link between dietary cholesterol and cardiovascular disease, so the upper limit was removed.China’s guidelines for the Prevention of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases with a healthy lifestyle point out that dietary cholesterol intake should be controlled.On April 1, published in the journal Circulation of items from China, the United States, Finland scholars prospectie cohort study and meta-analysis indicate that dietary cholesterol and eggs intake is high, the total death and significantly increased risk of cardiovascular death, but the most obvious influence on American people, European people risk increases, the critical for Asian people, no impact.The findings support limiting dietary cholesterol intake as a way to improve long-term health and prolong life, the authors note.The researchers first prospectively analyzed data from 27 078 male participants in the ATBC study.During the follow-up period of 482,316 persons, 22,035 died, of whom 9110 died from cardiovascular disease.Multivariate analysis showed that for each 300 mg increase in dietary cholesterol intake per day, the risk of total and cardiovascular death increased by 10% and 13%, respectively;For each 50 g increase in egg intake per day, the risk of total and cardiovascular death increased by 6% and 9%, respectively.Of course, as serum total cholesterol levels rise, so does the risk of cardiovascular death.For every 1-sd increase in serum total cholesterol levels, the risk of cardiovascular death increased by 14%.Similar results were obtained in different subgroups.The new meta-analysis of the cohort was based on 49 risk assessments involving more than 3.6 million subjects, with more than 255,000 cardiovascular events occurring during follow-up.The analysis showed a 4% increase in cardiovascular risk for every 50g increase in egg consumption per day.The geographic subgroup analysis showed the greatest effect on dietary cholesterol in the United States: for every 50 g increase in egg consumption per day, the risk of cardiovascular disease increased by 5 percent.In the European cohort, there was only a borderline increase in cardiovascular risk with higher dietary cholesterol intake;In the Asian cohort, dietary cholesterol intake was not significantly associated with CVD risk.Source:[1]Associations of Dietary Cholesterol, Serum Cholesterol, and Egg Consumption With Overall and Cause-Specific Mortality, Systematic Review and Updated meta-analysis. Circulation, 1 Apr 2022[2]Guidelines for prevention of Cardiovascular and metabolic Diseases by healthy Lifestyle in China.Chinese Journal of Circulation, 2020, 35: 209-230. DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1000-3614.2020.03.001.18656052587(wechat) or