How will the story of Naruto change when the ninjas also get a pen eye?

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As the promotion medium of samsara eye, writing wheel eye is definitely the top blood succession limit talent in the field of endurance. After all, when writing wheel eye opens the eternal eye of the third stage, its strength and power is almost equal to the gods.A single, no-cost buff is enough to fool all shadow players.However, all things need to follow the balance, the use of the eternal kaleidoscope wheel eye is very powerful;But its path to the top was fraught with blood and thorns;Many Yuzhibo people, their whole life can only make their writing wheel eyes reach the level of three jade, not to mention the eternal eye, even the second stage of the kaleidoscope writing wheel eyes are few people can break through.Of course, there were certain ninjas who had no problem breaking the limits of their writing wheels;Although these ninjas were not the blood of the Uchiba clan, they had the potential to be more suited to the writing wheel than the Uchiba clan;Today, let’s take a look at what happens when ninjas get their own wheelie.The first and second stages of naruto’s writing are very expensive for the user chakra, and even ninjas of this level dare not keep their writing in kaleidoscope mode all the time.However, naruto doesn’t have a problem with this problem. After all, naruto also has a nine-tail charger in his body, and the vast chakra reserve is almost inexhaustible.In addition, Naruto himself, as the reincarnation of asura’s soul, has a very strong foundation of vitality.As the ultimate spiritual energy, the life energy is essential to complete the final breakthrough and reach the form of the samsara eye.From these aspects, once Naruto is transplanted with the writing wheel eye, he can very smoothly transition from the early stage of weakness, basically can reach the level of enrollment is upper ninju;Later, with the continuous improvement of Naruto’s personal strength, when he mastered the immortal mode, he could absolutely control the life force in his body.At this stage, Naruto can even make his writing eye skip the second and third stages of evolution and directly reach the final state of the samsara eye.However, a samsara eye user with magic ability can push any copy in the story.In addition to absorbing life energy, there is another evolutionary route, namely pupil fusion.In the plot, big barrel wood hui night’s reincarnation eye, at the same time has the ability to write round eye and eye.And the day to the field as the day to the family of the long princess, its body contains the purest power of the white eye;Even the moon-dwelling Otoki Shira, attracted by The purity of Oda’s bloodline, came to Earth to steal naruto’s wife.That is to say, once the child was transplanted with the writing wheel eye, she herself had the potential foundation to directly open the rebirth eye.What she needs to do is just to improve her spiritual energy step by step.If so, I am afraid that the Way of Heaven Penn at that time was not even a dish in front of the eyes of rebirth.In this way, moved many audiences to save the husband scene I’m afraid will not be staged;Is it going to be ‘The CEO and the husband’?If you want to say in the present stage of the tolerance, who knows the most about writing round eye, I am afraid that in addition to Sasuke, is Sakura;After all, as Sasuke’s bedside companion, Sakura and Kakuya are literally living together, plus her own medical ninja status, so sakura can effectively avoid the various problems of kakuya.In addition, sakura inherited the power of baihao from Gongshou, in essence, is also a kind of application of life energy;After all, the source of this magic is the self-healing power that the thousand hands are most proud of.In the plot, The eternal kaleidoscope of Uji Wave Ban is able to evolve to the level of samsara eye, because he swallowed the cells between the thousand hand pillars, to obtain enough life energy;For Sakura, as long as the chakra is continuously converted into life can be stored, it is natural for the writing wheel eye to evolve to the level of samsara eye.However, if this has potential violent tendency sakura, really opened the samsara eye, I’m afraid sasuke’s married day will not be so stable.04 third month as snake uncle end its life the most satisfied scientific research masterpiece, third month almost includes all the tolerance of the top ninja gene, if not snake uncle afraid of and wood leaf break, I’m afraid third month after birth will bring the ability to write round eyes.In addition, si Yue has the ability of immortal mode, which enables him to advance the level of writing wheel eyes to the level of samsara eyes more quickly.But if that happens, I’m afraid borenzhuan will have to change its name to Si Yue Zhuan, or a Ninja Student with A Samsara eye.There is only one evolutionary path that differs from that of other ninjas after they acquire the writing wheel eye. The writing wheel eye of the bo has a richer evolutionary path.After all, as Naruto’s son, he also inherited the protagonist aura from his father, and in the plot directly spontaneously awakened the advanced form of the white eye: clean eye.According to the description of the plot, the potential level of the net eye itself can already be compared to the reincarnation eye, if coupled with the writing round eye transplantation, perhaps can stimulate the bo people’s net eye directly and completely awake;In addition, the bo people may awaken to the same reincarnated eyes as the Big barrel musshe people.Both unsealed eyes and reincarnated eyes are an increase in quality deformation for bo people. At least, it should not be a problem to play Bo Luo easily