Coruze welcome to enjoy the discount of up to 33,000 yuan

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Buy chevy Trailblazer/Explorer from now until June 30 for an additional $1888 and enjoy the blockbuster 666 Free gift pack!Chevy Malibu 0 interest or 0 down payment as you choose!Sanya Anhua Chevrolet New Year ju Hui, continuous concessions, surprises, benefits!Welcome to taste!You want the gift, we send!You want the preferential, we give!You want a good car, we have!For details, please call!New ALCANTARA texture interior!Prices: 164,900 yuan to 219,900 yuan, with comprehensive Grand Hui up to 35,000 yuan.Financial plan: 60 ultra long loan, monthly payment as low as 1422 yuan, replacement can enjoy up to 6000 yuan subsidy price 136,900 yuan, Chevrolet Volanddo 5+2 multi-functional new sedan, carrying a new upgrade 48V light hybrid power + new upgrade Mylink+ intelligent interconnection system!New Year jihui straight down 35,000!Down payment as low as 20%, 24 interest-free.Bring forth the new!Chevrolet Explorer 48V Light Mix for new release, 9AT Intermediate SUV!Buyers can enjoy 60 periods of super long loan, the down payment is as low as 20% off, replacement can enjoy up to 6000 yuan cash subsidy, online booking explorers straight down 39,000 yuan, in-store car.Chevy Trailblazer Day and Night 48V Light Mix Tough on the market!Price 229,900-329,900, replacement can enjoy up to 13000 yuan subsidies, 60 long loan car purchase program, daily supply as low as 99 yuan, the store is now in the sale of preferential 45,000 yuan!Less than 80,000 a-class cars in the store, the current car is reduced by 32,000, chuangku prices from 119,800, part of the special price directly reduced by 33,000, limited to 1!Some models enjoy 2 years of interest-free, transfer to buy can get cash red envelope.Xinkovoz Juhui 20,000, chuangjie store current car down 27,000.Some models enjoy low down payment, 0 interest, low monthly offer!Used car free evaluation, manufacturers of some models replacement subsidies up to 10,000 yuan!No brand replacement!Free value up to 5000 yuan 3 years of oil maintenance and the next year of part of the commercial insurance?On-site customers enjoy the car booking ceremony prepared for you!Value of 2680 yuan boutique gift package (value of 1888 advanced explosion-proof film, value of 398 yuan original carpet, value of 236 yuan?Fender, worth 188 yuan headrest) participate in the event to give up to 100,000 UCLUB member points?There are enough cars in the store, and the cars are sold directly!Limited time sale!Sanya Anhua Buick Shop!An ID card loan car, network about the car’s preferred model – Chang Xun!During the event, the vehicle manufacturers to support this event, first order, first served, specific details can call consultation!For more information, sanya Anhua Buick 4S shop, car supply is tight, activity prices enjoy in advance, fully accept reservations, first order, first served, consulting phone!Address: Lychegou Division Farm, Jiyang District, Sanya city, Yongjin Motor City, Chevrolet 4S Shop Activities from April 5, 2022 to April 9, 2022