“The World” ending: Debao Bingkun 30 years of friendship back to zero, the reason behind too deep

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Chunyan is Zhou Bingkun’s dry sister, she and Debao’s marriage or Zhou Bingkun’s help, Debao and Zhou Bingkun are good brothers for more than 30 years, what things will let them become strangers, to the last actually lost contact?It was the third day of the first lunar month, and They wanted to inform Debao and Chunyan of their meeting. As a result, they all changed their mobile phone numbers and did not tell their friends. This was very incomprehensible.Debao and Zhou Bingkun into the brotherhood of Zhou Bingkun with the help of CAI Xiaoguang, into the soy sauce factory when workers, and Debao, Lv Chuan become workmate, debao and Lv Chuan began to bingkun bad, they mean to isolate him, even despise him.The people of the slag workshop, one by one, all left.Debao and Lv Chuan, four years into the factory, it doesn’t matter no back door, want to go also can’t go.They think That Zhou Bingkun is also related to the back door will soon leave the Lord, so looking at Zhou Bingkun to gas, deliberately isolated him.With the help of Catch-up, they knew that Zhou Bingkun was not easy, and they misunderstood him. Now that they had said it, the relationship changed.They sell meat on the way back together, Debao said Zhou Bingkun is true brother: Cao Debao jokingly said: “true buddy false buddy, then read chu.National Day and Catch chao, they are the best at playing dumb, I don’t expect any mercy from them.Bingkun you than they are enough meaning, true buddy should be you so!”Zhou Bingkun set Debao and Chunyan married Chunyan and Zhou Bingkun at the beginning of the object, Chunyan mother and Zhou Bingkun mother intended to set them up.On the third day of the New Year, when everyone gathered at Zhou Bingkun’s home, Zhou Bingkun’s mother deliberately invited Chunyan, Chunyan was a familiar girl, and soon became one with everyone.After a short time together, Chunyan is attracted by Debao’s personality and talent and falls in love with him at first sight.Originally is thinking of and Zhou Bingkun uncooked rice cooked rice, the result debao became the person who drills her bed.Things happen in Zhou Bingkun’s home, for Chunyan also to reduce the sense of guilt in the heart, Zhou Bingkun decided to find Debao responsible for Chunyan.Zhou Bingkun united National Day, Lv Chuan, Sun Catch up to find Debao, analyze the interests, Debao feel Chunyan is not bad, promised to be responsible for Chunyan.Zhou Bingkun asked his mother to help persuade both parents, Chunyan and Debao to solve the matter smoothly.After marriage and Chunyan, Chunyan smoothly evaluated the city’s model, for finding chunyan so capable daughter-in-law is very proud, nature is also very grateful to Zhou Bingkun.ChunYan chasing Zhou Bingkun, and very close to mother weeks relations, ChunYan articulate, work ability is strong, she also like, conveniently to recognize Zhou Bingkun ChunYan mother for dopted mother, so she and Zhou Bingkun relations are a step closer, and marrying Zhou Bingkun good brothers, ChunYan later in the day nor the Zhou Bingkun a house outside.Zhou Bingkun helped Debao chunyan debao’s old father fell ill several times in the hospital. Debao and his wife spent a lot of money because of the old man’s illness. They not only took out all the money saved by years of saving and saving, but also owed some debts.The old father’s disease did not cure died, just over the funeral debao and Chunyan quarrel, make to the point of divorce.Chunyan advocate debao mother back to jilin rural hometown his aunt there, think sister take care of elder sister is should.This way they pay the rent, which they pay off their debts.Debao flew into a rage, scold Chunyan too have no conscience, let oneself become unfilial son, he said his years, how good is the parents of Chunyan, how much force for the spring Yan home to do how much work, ChunYan should not break conscience big bad.Debao angrily to find bingkun, just to chunyan foot arrived.She burst into tears, dry elder brother for her voice, said to untie bell also must fasten bell people, was mainly dry elder brother put them together, now they divorce dry elder brother also have to judge a right and wrong.They both declared that they had to leave, and Debao had gone back to live with his mother. In fact, the couple had begun to separate, and a marriage seemed to have come to an end.Zhou bingkun came up with a plan to let chunyan’s elder sister and her three family live in Debao’s home before marriage, let Debao’s mother and debao’s couple live together, and let Chunyan’s second sister move to debao’s parents’ house.Zhou Bingkun mobilized Chunyan sister and brother-in-law to move from Chunyan parents’ home, live in debao parents’ house;To mobilize chunyan two sister and two brother-in-law with their son moved to Chunyan parents live;Finally, debao’s mother is mobilized to live with her son and daughter-in-law, vacate the house under her name and her partner’s name, and persuade Chunyan to accept her mother-in-law into her family of three.This is not an easy job. To convince Chunyan, Debao’s mother, Chunyan’s elder sister and her brother-in-law, Zhou bingkun took his own personality as a guarantee and asked Gong Weizei of the police station to help them.The thing is done, Debao is capitalized to Zhou Bingkun, the couple also reconciled.Debao father’s medical bills lost, can not reimburse zhou Bingkun help.Zhou Bingkun first to find Shao Jingwen help, Shao Jingwen can not help, but pointed to a way to let them go to the magazine Han Wenqi president.Zhou Bingkun would rather go to the hospital to make up the reimbursement sheet, also do not want to ask for Han Wenqi president.Thinking of debao Chunyan couple anxious appearance, bingkun or find president Han Wenqi.In order to help the Depows, Chow bingkun did his best to guarantee and ask for help.Can be in zhou Bingkun mother into vegetative when Chunyan and Debao is how to do?When Chun Yan left, she said, “Bing Kun, MAYBE I can only come this once.People like us were told that if anyone was involved in something like your sister’s or your brother-in-law’s, it would be dealt with much more heavily than usual.”Zhou Bingkun told Debao not to come again, Debao felt as a brother should not kick when he is down, but Chunyan said: “He will do.I’ll divorce him at the worst.”Chunyan’s words clearly forced Debao not to come to Zhou Bingkun’s home.Compared to Zhou Bingkun later to help them, Chunyan their practice is really quite let a person chill.Chow bingkun is a real, kind man, he is sincere to his friends, can help help, debao Chunyan they are really not satisfied.Debao and Chow Bingkun brotherly love for 30 years, the reason is too deep.Among the so-called “six gentlemen” of that year, Lu Chuan left, Gong Bin went mad, the soy sauce factory was sold, Tang Xiangyang went to college, Cao Debao and Chunyan moved to the city, and progress also returned to the factory.In several people, Debao and Chunyan’s life is the best, debao’s mother died, they are a family of three very comfortable.Spring Yan to visit, see bingkun prepared a lot of goods, want to take some away, Zhou Bingkun said a to catch up, a to the National Day.Chunyan is very embarrassed, did not have their own, as a dry younger sister of her heart is very unbalanced.Chunyan is thinking only of their own, the Spring Festival came to ceng eat ceng drink, did not bring a point of goods, but also want to take back some.Such a freeloading, unforgiving temper.CAI Xiaoguang summed it up quite right. Xiaoguang said, “If she doesn’t change, her progress will be affected too much, and she may be deputy director for her whole life.Zhou Bingyi is responsible for the change of the photon area project has been completed, Debao at chunyan’s instruction to find Zhou Bingkun for help, they hope Zhou Bingyi can find Zhou Bingkun to help them approve a house or buy money can also.They know that Zhou Bingyi gave National Day and step in the photon piece new area approved a set of new houses, sold to catch up with the house only more than 30,000, if not approved, they can spend fifty or sixty thousand to buy a set.Zhou Bingkun know Chunyan in the city’s prime location points a two-bedroom, they do not lack a house, just want to enjoy preferential treatment through Zhou Bingyi’s power.They and National Day, progress, catch up with the situation is not the same, National Day his father is an old worker, then died so miserable, National Day died even more miserable, leaving Wu Qian and her daughter, life is not easy;His father was a martyr, and it was right to approve the house;It’s cheaper than when they bought it, and now it’s worth more than $200,000.Debao can not compete with Zhou Bingkun, his heart is not understand, is also a favor, why Zhou Bingkun is not willing to send him and Chunyan.Cao Debao stared at bingkun for a long time, slowly stood up, pale, pointing to the voice trembling said: “Zhou Bingkun, how can you…How could you do this to me?I have been your good friend for more than 30 years!A few days later ChunYan personally came to Find Zhou Bingkun, zhou Bingkun must help her this busy, she also put their real ideas to Zhou Bingkun account.She said she would definitely be a deputy in this life, and no matter how active she was, it would be of no use. So she had to make some necessary investments in her life security after early retirement.”As my son is getting older, he needs money to go to college, and more money to marry a wife.Now your brother has the real power, or Me and Devo would never have thought of begging you.I was just kidding when I asked you to apologize for bullying Deb, but now that you did, you need to do something about it.Anyway, we are going to buy a house here to invest in the matter please you and your brother, this kind of favor you can not help!Chunyan to find Zhou Bingkun’s purpose is very simple, she played the bottom of my heart clearly, Zhou Bingkun will not ignore her dry sister’s identity, want to take this as a reason to ask Zhou Bingkun to help, Zhou Bingkun under pressure, promised to find eldest brother Zhou Bingyi.Unfortunately, brother Zhou Bingyi was critically ill, Zhou Bingkun also put this matter aside, Zhou Bingyi retired after surgery, Zhou Bingkun is not good to take this matter to find his brother to help.Debao know for zhou Bingkun things is hopeless, wrote a real name report letter to report Zhou Bingyi use of power to the National Day, catch up and step house, Zhou Bingkun was shocked after that.Zhou Bingkun did not help them, in the demolition: Chunyan mother said to him: “I and Chunyan father is old, do not want to take the elevator up and down the floor, did not take that thing, heard often clamp old people and children, afraid.Please tell your brother we have to live on the first floor.”Zhou Bingkun told brother Zhou Bingyi, Zhou Bingyi agreed to help.A few days later, Chunyan’s mother said to him: “Chunyan’s father and I both hope that the yard will be bigger, so that your brother will take care of it!”Zhou Bingkun told brother Zhou Bingyi, zhou Bingyi although difficult also promised to help.Chunyan’s mother came to him for the third time and asked: “Chunyan’s second sister is living with our old couple. She can’t afford to give her second sister an apartment!Bingkun, you tell your brother, do not meet my family this request, we can play to depend on not to move, see how he take us.Our families have known each other for forty or fifty years!”Bingkun this do not want to tell brother, in chunyan and Zheng Juan’s advice, or tell.Although Zhou Bingyi complained: “Chunyan her second sister’s household registration is not light word piece ah, this request is too much, I am too uncertain!”And it gave them what they wanted.Even so Chunyan mother is still not satisfied, complained to Chunyan two sister’s house is small, every time I see Zhou Bingkun, every time to mention.People are insatiable and want more when they have something.For Zhou Bingkun, Debao and Chunyan they can’t help but know such things, but they still for their own selfish ideas, to trouble Zhou Bingkun.So that finally they and Zhou Bingkun cut off contact, Zhou Bingkun also pretended not to know.Such ungrateful friends, no matter, people, the important thing is to live well at the moment, live up to their conscience.