Teng potential new MPV preview picture byd Benz jointly built

2022-08-20 0 By

Teng potential is a high-end match jointly built by BYD and Mercedes-benz.Recently, Denza officially released the preview of its flagship new MPV, which is positioned as a medium and large MPV, and will compete with Toyota Elfa and other high-end business MPVS.Large scale chrome grille is used on the front face, with LED lights on both sides and above to outline the edges, paired with sharp headlights, creating a feeling of technological luxury.It is reported that the vehicle length of 5200mm, wheelbase over 3000mm, will also be equipped with a double sliding door configuration.The tail adopts the symmetrical penetrating taillight, and the internal structure of the lamp chamber is like the arrow feather.In terms of power, the new car will be available in both pure electric and PHEV models, which are likely to be equipped with BYD’s DM-I hybrid system and will be powered by BYD blade batteries.So a Mercedes luxury, but also equipped with BYD’s latest hybrid technology model, you will be interested?