Public interest singer Zhang He warm heart sing “the Most Beautiful volunteer Red”, eulogizing the greatness of the ordinary

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Every year, March 5 is “China Youth Volunteer Service Day”. On the occasion of the 23rd Volunteer Service Day in China, a public service song praising volunteers for delivering noble spiritual pursuit and shaping good social manners has emerged.The charity song “The Most Beautiful Volunteer Red”, written by Wang Shaosen, composed by Zhang Zhenyu and sung by Zhang He, was widely sung in the streets and received wide attention and warm praise from all walks of life.The charity song “The Most Beautiful Volunteer Red” was jointly produced by Hainan University, Tsurumai Flying Charity Fund of Tianjin Charity Association, Tsurumai Flying (Hainan) Charity Culture and Art Practice Center, Publicity Department of Tianjin Dongli District Committee of the Communist Party of China, Tianjin Dongli District Bureau of Culture, Tourism and Sports and other units.Good singers, hainan university professor Zhang He, hand in hand shao-sen wang, zhang two songwriter planning as a song, by the power of music “love society, love warm human” volunteers, physically will “dedication, love, mutual aid and progress” the volunteer spirit of an iconic landmark, melodious tunes, walking in the mountains and rivers of the motherland the ocean,Echoing in the streets of the city!It is understood that the lyric writer Wang Shaosen and the song writer Zhang Zhenyu are the cadres of the propaganda and cultural front in Dongli District of Tianjin, and have always been active in the front line of “setting the stage for the grassroots and letting the masses sing the leading role”. Therefore, attention and participation in volunteer service has become one of the important contents of their daily work.Together with volunteers, they have taken root at the grassroots level and actively engaged in the promotion of the Party’s principles and policies, the building of spiritual civilization, the rotation of epidemic prevention and control, and comprehensive environmental improvement.Especially in the national war outbreak, actively fight against Mr Mick Dijon virus in the war, they sink in the process of the community to carry out the volunteer service, personally witnessed and experienced many to self-defense, political science and law, organs, enterprises, communities, schools and other party members and cadres in all walks of life, to protect people’s health and life safety,The heart-warming stories and touching scenes of selflessness and fearlessness at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic have deeply moved people and kept them awake at night.Zhang Zhenyu, the author of the song “The Most Beautiful Volunteer Red”, “Whether it is major competitions, disaster relief, epidemic prevention and control, or helping the needy, social governance, environmental protection…A touch of volunteer red, shining everywhere with sincere devotion, has become the light that shines into the hearts of the people and the most touching and beautiful scenery. We must make this volunteer red the brightest and warmest background color of the whole society…””The authors say with deep feeling.To this end, they wrote lyrics and composed music overnight, and in less than three days, a passionate eulogizing the motherland, selfless dedication, dedication of great love was completed.On behalf of all volunteers in China, zhang He, the famous soprano and charity ambassador, has been practicing the code of conduct by offering love and extending a loving hand to all the people in need of help and facing the world and moving toward the future with a trans-century spirit.Zhang He said: “with true dedication to caress, warm our great motherland, our selfless fearless volunteer groups are particularly worthy of respect, is that they are” and “make” and “my city called heartache throughout the spring breeze bath ‘, we must make this song promote volunteerism, reveal the thick feelings the main melody of home countries praise and positive energy logo!”.”Love, is a silent promise, can make the world full of warmth.Love, is also a kind of free exchange, as long as a small wisp of dedication, can let each other sincere treatment!As a literary worker, I am also a volunteer. I am proud to turn my love into songs, singing every warm heart.”Zhang He, a public welfare singer, has been working tirelessly on his second creation, arranging music, recording and video production at the fastest speed. In just a few days, he has been widely forwarded on learning Guoguo, CCTV video, “Hello Tianjin” Tiktok, “Civilized Tianjin” and various new media platforms and public accounts.A song of “the best volunteer red” with guileless moving beautiful lyrics, soulful melodies, sincere loving singing, vigorously carry forward the “dedication, love, mutual aid and progress” spirit of volunteerism, vivid deduce unknown, mutual care, heart hand holding big love passionately, fully display the new era, volunteer groups together to warm footprint and the mighty force of the future.Since March 5, 1963, when MAO Zedong and other older generations of party and state leaders called for “learning from Comrade Lei Feng”, March 5 has become a traditional learning from Lei Feng day for all sectors of society, especially the youth.It has become a common practice in many areas in recent years to carry out various forms and contents of volunteer service activities on March 5.”Old for old, and old for man;My children, and the children of men.”This is a famous saying that has been heard in China for thousands of years. It always inspires people to love each other and help each other to promote social harmony and progress.Let us work together for a better future, let this touch the most beautiful voluntary red colorful!By Yu Jinxiang