Poetry xuanwu Lake theme essay contest notice

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Nanjing xuanwu lake is located in the downtown area, zhong shan to the east, west according to the Ming city wall, south marina jiuhua mountain and nanjing railway station in the north Lin Xiangrong landscape city, is China’s largest imperial garden lake, jiangnan remaining royal gardens, as an important part of national zhongshan scenic area, national water conservancy scenic spot, key national park, the national AAAA level scenic spot, is known as the pearl of jinling.The scenery of Xuanwu Lake is charming.With an area of 5.13 square kilometers, the scenic area is famous for its beautiful scenery, such as tobacco willow, cuizhou cloud tree, Yingzhou Flower Sea, Lingzhou mountain LAN and Liangzhou Autumn Chrysanthemum.Scenic spots throughout the year red and purple fireworks such as brocade, gull heron birds flying, is a good place for ecological leisure.Xuanwu Lake is rich in cultural deposits.The earliest collection of poems and essays in China, Zhaoming Wenselected, was born here. Xiao Tong, Li Bai, Wei Zhuang, Du Mu, Ouyang Xiu, Wang Anshi, He Zhu, Zheng Banqiao, Zhu Ziqing, Guo Moruo and so on left masterpieces in Xuanwu Lake.In 2015, Xuanwu Lake Park was awarded the first “book Park” title in Jiangsu Province.Since October 1, 2010, when the scenic spot was fully open to the public for free, the total number of visitors has reached about 166 million. The popularity and reputation of the scenic spot has been continuously improved, and it is more and more popular with tourists at home and abroad. It is known as the “living room of the city”.In order to further explore and show the natural landscape and historical and cultural features of the scenic spot, comprehensively improve the cultural taste of the park, and create a poetry and cultural park, xuanwu Lake Park Management Office and Nanjing Poetry Society jointly held a poetry contest with the theme of “Celebrating the 20th Birthday of Xuanwu Lake with Poetic Words” to collect works from the whole country.The contest will be held from January 1, 2022 to August 30, 2022. The contest will be held from January 1, 2022 to August 30, 2022.1. 2 first prize winners, each awarded 2000 YUAN;2. 6 second prize winners, 1000 YUAN for each;3, 10 third prize, 500 yuan each;4, 50 excellence awards, 100 yuan for each.Certificates will be issued for the above awards.1, Xuanwu Lake can be around the theme of free open to the public, to bring happiness, sense of gain, combined with the current situation and future of xuanwu Lake development, can write xuanwu Lake natural scenery, history and culture, etc..The theme is outstanding and bright, rich in literature and art, and the content is healthy and upward.2. The main works should be metrical poetry, supplemented by modern new poetry (the award rate of metrical poetry and new poetry is 80% and 20% respectively).Metrical poems should meet the requirements of metrical rhymes. Poems should use flat water rhymes, words with Lin Zhengyun, or new rhymes (must be noted), but old and new rhymes should not be mixed. Generally, new poems should not exceed 50 lines.Each author is limited to five songs, the first five songs shall prevail for the more than one, not participate in the prize evaluation.Authors are requested to check and verify their works carefully, one-time submission, repeated submission is not accepted;All works will be sent to the designated email address. Paper manuscripts are not accepted.3, the submitted works must be the author’s own original creation, do not accept the published or used works in the published newspapers (including internal journals), radio, TELEVISION, network and other activities, submission will not be evaluated.In case of infringement or plagiarism, the award qualification will be cancelled.4. Real name, full address, zip code, contact phone number (wechat), ID card number, and personal introduction within 100 words should be attached.5. Since the deadline of the solicitation, a jury composed of famous poets will conduct blind evaluation of all the submitted works, and the results will be announced in mid-late September.6. Excellent works were exhibited in Xuanwu Lake Park, promoted on the website of Nanjing Poetry Society and published in Nanjing Poetry.7. The copyright of the works applied for this activity belongs to the organizer.8. All authors who participate in the competition are deemed to agree to the above terms.Please log on to the official website of Xuanwu Lake Park: http://www.xuanwuhu.net/ or “Nanjing Xuanwu Lake Scenic Spot” wechat official account to learn about relevant information.Email: mazhigang2133@163.com Nanjing Xuanwu Lake Park Administration Office Nanjing Poetry Society December 20, 2021