I want to be more respectful to the podium

2022-08-20 0 By

Brazen, South Korea wipe podium players to admit, Che Min Kui:On the evening of 12th, gao Tingyu of China won the Olympic gold medal in the speed skating 500m final in 34.32 seconds, breaking the Olympic record. Congratulations to him. Cha Min-kyu of South Korea won the silver medal again.But one of his moves during the award ceremony caused a lot of controversy.He first hand wipe in the process of the podium, and then went up again, the move to imitate 2018 Olympic winter games in pyeongchang Canada four athletes act of protest against South Korea use their home advantage to get the gold medal, also expressed dissatisfaction, car 旼 kratos do this action in fact meaning is the same, so of the uproar, people are also very angry,There is no controversy in the speed skating 500 meters final, because the players are in their own runway competition, by strength to get the gold medal, Gao Tingyu did not have any problem, Car Min Kui is nothing to find trouble, his move was attacked by the people, foreign matchmaker net friends also do not recognize.When South Korea’s President of congratulations, he explains, he said to him is a rare and precious place, so he wipe, ahead of the final interpretation can say shameless, if he admits that he has the protest behavior will be punished by international Olympic Games, in 2019 for horton after make the podium,The INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee has said that no competitor should protest during the medal ceremony.So car min kui is also thoroughly admitted, said he is to be more respectful to go up, he is nonsense dare to do, another South Korean player Hwang Daxian also caused a great storm last night, he also like car min Kui, the first time after the game turned off the social media comments area.