Good news!Jiangnan University was approved to add 3 undergraduate majors!

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The Ministry of Education (MOE) recently issued the Notice on The Filing and Approval Results of Undergraduate Majors in Colleges and Universities in 2021 (Jiaogao Letter (2021) No.14).Jiangnan University successfully approved the three undergraduate majors of ideological and Political education, nonwoven materials and Engineering, and food Nutrition and Health.The 3 new majors approved by our university rely on the university’s dominant disciplines and are set up for the national development strategy and the industrial development needs of Wuxi region. The teaching conditions are perfect and the discipline foundation is strong.Ideological and political education professional based on marxist school Settings, aims to develop the political stand firm, marxist theory of ideological and moral noble and with high quality, solid knowledge, broad marxist theory of marxism view, rich professional practice skills, and advanced talents with innovative spirit and practice ability.The major of nonwovens and Engineering is set up by the School of Textile Science and Engineering, aiming at cultivating compound senior professional talents with solid basic knowledge and ability of nonwovens processing technology and nonwovens science to adapt to the rapid development trend of modern new materials.The major of Food Nutrition and Health relies on the establishment of the School of Food Science, meets the development needs of the national strategy of “Healthy China”, and cultivates first-class talents who can serve the high-quality development needs of the future food industry and engage in food science research, technological innovation, nutrition science popularization and health management in the field of food nutrition and health.In recent years, the university pays attention to the construction of specialty connotation, adheres to the specialty construction strategy of “sharing resources, improving peak and expanding plateau”, and continuously carries out the optimization and adjustment of specialty structure.The approval of the new undergraduate major makes the discipline structure of our school more scientific and reasonable and the discipline system more complete.In the next stage, the university will continue to deepen the research practice of new engineering, new medical science, new agricultural science and new liberal arts, reform and upgrade the connotation of traditional majors, improve the demand-oriented adjustment mechanism of professional structure, and connect the emerging disciplines with the new needs of society.Efforts will be made to train more high-quality innovative talents to meet national strategies, industrial needs and future development.Which major do you like?I wish our Jiangnan University better and better!This article is welcome to be reprinted by wechat official account.If you need to reprint, please note before the article: this article was first published in Jiangnan University, wechat number: JNU-1958.Email: Copyright © 2014-2022 New Media Studio, Jiangnan University.