Zhang Zifeng dress looks very casual, in fact, very advanced, knit short sleeves with jeans delicate slimming

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Share the story about the United States together, about the knowledge of the United States, do not work for the people’s life distress, with fashion wear to let you full blood resurrection, become the street the most beautiful fashion hipster, the original beauty is not difficult!In the past, knitwear was popular in spring and short-sleeved T-shirts were popular in summer. Now, the combination of the two fashion elements has resulted in a fashion trend of short-sleeved knitwear. The short-sleeved knitwear is very eye-catching in spring and summer, and seemingly ordinary items can show fashionable and advanced wearing effects.The way of wearing short-sleeved sweater is also simple, with strong visual sense. Directly matching with conventional jeans, it can make the image and fashion charm of the dress appear. Its wearing effect is completely different from that of ordinary sweater or short-sleeved T-shirt, and the visual advantage is more prominent.Young people wear short-sleeve knit unlined upper garment to have a variety of advantages more, choose to design money restoring ancient ways to also won’t have old feeling generation, zhang Zifeng’s short-sleeve knit unlined upper garment is tie-in quite have characteristic, match the jeans of different type to wear a girl amorous feelings.Popular knit short sleeve this year, Zhang Zifeng was wearing early, pardonable young age momentum still quite sufficient.Zhang Zifeng dress looks very casual, in fact, very advanced, knit short sleeves with jeans delicate slimming.Sweater of bubble sleeve knitting shirt matchs the design characteristic that sweater of bubble sleeve knitting shirt of wide leg pants bubble sleeve is 5 minutes sleeve, cuff just keep out the position of elbow, length design is relaxed, atmosphere, can show the glamour that gives spring to wear, warmth, vogue is not stiff again.The sleeve of knitted sweater is bubble sleeve, which is relatively strong and inclusive, and has the characteristics of retro style, which increases the hotspot of knitted sweater and avoids the single image or lack of personality.The content and color of the color pattern will also enhance the retro charm, showing a unique style of wearing and dominant temperament.Wide-leg pants are really fashionable and versatile and good-looking, and short sleeve knit together, also appears very temperament, the loose design of wide-leg pants can meet the needs of women of different body shapes, the legs are thicker or the legs are not straight or the legs are shorter, can use wide-leg pants to improve image feeling.The hem of the sweater covers the waist, but the sense of adduction is obvious, you can see that the hem of the sweater is loose, not the feeling of being held up, this design shows the advantages of the body, so that the sense of slim waist has been promoted, the overall shape has been optimized and adjusted.The temperament charm that wears a wide leg pants to have the temperament of father pants, can increase the breath of neuter wind, modelling tie-in is spontaneous, fashionable and contain vigor feeling, will not appear because the style is too loose and slovenly, image advantage is quite sufficient.The collocation of sneaker showed the girl is recreational wear those who build comfortable and vigor, contracted small white shoe tie-in color printing knit unlined upper garment and wide leg pants, can increase pure and fresh and contracted glamour, dress individual character is dyein, attraction is stronger also.The fashionable temperament of sweater of color printing is quite sufficient, bubble sleeve and color pattern design will image individual character and attraction enhance many, 5 minutes sleeve wear build still not depressing, not drab, comprehensive image glamour is still very sufficient.Print patterns and color schemes of short-sleeved knitwear will affect the shape of the wearing style. If you don’t like too complicated print patterns, you can choose stripes.Striped knit unlined upper garment matchs the design characteristic that stripe design shows the temperament that comes out is simpler, and classic glamour is dyein, striped money knit unlined upper garment can increase simple, delicate wear build temperament, dress style is looking at humble, but integral figure is more durable look.Because the stripe design has the effect of widening the figure, and the sweater also has the effect of magnifying the figure, so the stripe sweater is not suitable for the design of too wide style, nor is it suitable for the design of a completely tight style, off the shoulder short style can meet the needs of image optimization.The design of nine-minute pants is more distinctive than conventional pants, and its refreshing feeling can echo the short-sleeve design of knit sweaters, ensuring that the quality of the upper and lower wear is the same, showing the characteristics of vigorous and capable clothes.Nine minutes pants is to adjust the length of pants legs with the way of holding legs, increase the effect of layers, improve the sense of fashion wearing.Socks and sports shoes will be exposed, more student temperament, age-reducing effect should be more obvious.Short sleeve knit sweater is short, collocation jeans wear and did not completely cover up body shape, but showed a simple, fresh wear charm, girl temperament and dynamic temperament instant promotion, collocation effect is very ideal.The matching of khaki fisherman hat also adds color to the model. Khaki is fresh and versatile, combined with black and white stripes, making the classic temperament more rich, simple to wear, but especially strong visual appeal, and high durability of the model.Short sleeve stripe sweater can show classic, contracted image characteristic, guarantee wear take not old fashioned, this kind of design sweater is better match bottom outfit, basic paragraph jeans or it is fashionable design element rich pants can match with it.Can use short sleeve knit unlined upper garment to match jeans this year, let vigor feeling and pure and fresh, fashionable wait for temperament to appear all the same come out, highlight more dominant spirit charm with contracted collocation law.Let everyone fashion, everyone understand fashion, do not play lofty, only speak the most down-to-earth dry goods skills, so that you are closer and closer to fashion.If you have any fashion insights or stories, please share them!