Word 61: Beelzebub develops a biological monster, brother Zeus handsome appearance

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In the latest 61 words of Valkyries of the End, a new plot expands from the battle between the first Emperor and Hades, the god of the Underworld.Begin with Beelzebub, the Lord of the Flies, as one of the warriors of the 13 gods.He seems to be plotting something, and the unexpected appearance of Bohemian is his mastermind.And now he has developed a new biochemical monster, monster rampage, was defeated by Zeus brother.And it’s a new character, and it’s definitely a new story.The first emperor and hades are still fighting fiercely, but the perspective has come to a laboratory.The jars in the lab were filled with all kinds of monsters.And what is Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies, studying nearby?Beelzebub was one of the warriors of the 13 gods and a god of Hades, king of the underworld.Beelzebub was the mastermind behind the sixth day’s appearance of Bozion, but he was buried in research all day long and had no idea what he wanted to do.But it has to be said that Beelzeb, the Lord of the Flies, has a very high level of looks and is the sulky hunk type.On the sixth day, the demon King Boxun was defeated by Shakya, but not long after that, The Lord of flies Beelzebub studied and produced a biochemical monster whose way was unknown.Even though we don’t know what this monster is?But perhaps beelzebub is a god or demon created by genetic manipulation or other means based on the demons that live in the underworld.But the appearance of this monster is really ugly, looks very ferocious, and I do not know what is the purpose of xibu making such things?The monster then wakes up, but when it wakes up, it is seized by its own desire to destroy, smashing the jar violently from the inside and rushing out.Beelzeb, on the other hand, remained motionless and watched the movements of the monster with unfeeling eyes.The creature had a large brown mouth on its head and uttered a strange cry that seemed to frighten Beelzeb, but Beelzeb continued to observe without feeling.Beelzebub felt that this was a failure, and the monster’s arms turned into long knives like Those of Bozion and attacked Beelzebub.But beelzebub did not move at all, and I do not know how.Beelzebub looks depressed and comments on the creature’s fragility, sighing that it must be abandoned again.What if the creation of this monster had something to do with Bohemian?And the monster thought Beelzeb was the one who overpowered him, so he wanted to escape.But just then the door to the lab opened and there was a robed figure.The man in the robe touched the head of the fleeing creature with a hand, and then stopped.And the monster’s solid head, too, was slammed to the ground.Although the monster was easily defeated, but feel that this should have been a very strong monster.But Beelzeb and You-Know-Who were so strong, it made the monster look weak.And the mysterious robed man reveals himself, looking a bit robotic as his body is covered in armor.The real identity of the robot was Adamus, Zeus’s brother. The brothers of Zeus were in this order: Hades, Adamus, Poseidon and Zeus.Adamus had long ago refused to accept Zeus as king of the gods and had attempted to rebel. He was destroyed by Poseidon.But in fact, Hades thought of brotherly love, saved the destruction of adama in the underworld.And let Beelzeb make a new body for Adama, which is also the power of science.And why is Adamus here at all?It was mainly beelzebub who had to examine him regularly.And Beelzeb has been making monsters in order to kill himself, which is a funny answer, but also shows that Beelzeb is powerful or immortal.The two men then share their views on the battle between Hades and the first emperor. Adamus thinks Hades will not lose, but Beelzeb thinks the first Emperor will win.