Winter Olympic champion Li Jianrou image big change, the former tomboy, makeup exquisite seconds change temperament goddess

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Beijing Winter Olympics is in full swing, the Chinese delegation so far has won 3 gold, 3 silver, 1 bronze a total of 7 MEDALS, in the medal table is also temporarily at the forefront, including the advantage of short-track speed skating has won 2 gold and 1 silver performance.The reason why Chinese people pay attention to the short track speed skating team is not only the excellent performance of the team members, but also the fact that both CCTV broadcast and some video websites have invited several figures who have helped China’s short track speed skating in the Winter Olympic Games, such as Wang Meng, who has made a lot of comments recently.Another former Olympic champion, Li Jianrou, who won the women’s 500-meter short-track speed skating title at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, has also attracted a lot of attention due to her high appearance.Li jianrou, 35, who was born in 1986, was seen by Internet users who did not know her well or had never seen her compete. When they first saw her on TV, they thought the shoulder-length beauty had a gentle face that matched the soft character in her name.But they do not know this temperament goddess is a true tomboy in the game, not only is a short hair, in the field is as much as the boys dare to fight, full of energy.Li jianrou holds an important place in Chinese women’s short track speed skating history. She became the third Chinese woman after Dayang Yang and Wang Meng to win a gold medal in the women’s 500 meters at the Sochi Winter Olympics.When Li Jianrou won the gold medal dramatic ups and downs, completely unexpected, some people say she is by luck “picked up” the gold medal, but as the saying goes, “opportunity is always to prepare people”, Li Jianrou can win the gold medal is also the result of perseverance.But after this, Li Jianrou is also because of long-term injury and regret to retire soon after.Not many people might have remembered the Olympic champion at the time, but it was amazing to see her looking so stunning when she reappeared in the public eye.