The police uncovered a fraud involving nearly a million dollars

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Nowadays, online chatting has become a daily entertainment lifestyle of citizens, but there are many risks hidden behind the virtual network environment.Recently, Dadukou police successfully cracked a case involving nearly a million naked chat fraud.Dadukou Dadukou police uncovered a fraud case involving nearly a million funds gentle beauty turned to blackmail recently, who lives in The Dadukou Peninsula Yijing community Chen leisure to boring, they used a mobile phone social software to add a strange beauty net friends.Both sides chat speculative, female net friend is ambiguous to Chen, take the initiative to send out naked chat invitation.Chen readily accepted, according to the prompts of the other party to download an APP for naked chat.Just naked chat for four minutes, just gentle and pleasant female net friend revealed the real face of cheater.The woman sent screenshots of the naked chat, along with Chen’s phone address book, and threatened to send the video to all his relatives and friends in his phone address book if he did not pay 5,000 yuan, so that Chen’s reputation would be ruined.Fearing his reputation would be ruined, Chen transferred 5,000 yuan as requested.However, the other party did not stop, and to delete the address book to be charged, clearing the background data to be charged and other reasons to continue to deceive.Chen has transferred a total of more than 40,000 yuan to the other party 8 times.Until no ability to pay again, Chen just helpless choice to report.Police investigation found that although they spared no effort to promote naked chat that fraud, but recently still several young men were cheated.Many of them do not want to be hindered by the victim in the face of the report, and lucky transfer to eliminate disaster, but step by step into a bigger trap, loss of money amount is bigger and bigger.After receiving the alarm, the police immediately launched the investigation of the case. Through a large number of investigation and evidence collection and multiple analysis and judgment, it was finally determined that the suspects ning and others settled in Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province, and the three suspects were arrested at the end of March.According to the trial, the three suspects are the naked chat criminal gang downstream money laundering service providers, they are responsible for helping “on” to collect the victim’s money, deduct the return point after the stolen money transfer to “on” the designated account.Through the analysis of its fund flow, the three of them helped to transfer nearly one million illegal funds in total.Yesterday, three suspects were taken criminal compulsory measures in accordance with the law, the case is still under further investigation.Naked chat that fraud must be clean and clean Dadukou District public Security bureau Ma Hong Suo police officer introduction, the gang division of labor is clear, someone is responsible for releasing information, someone naked chat trading, someone threatening, someone transfer funds…The scam usually involves three steps: the first step is to add a friend and lure the other person into a naked chat;The second step is to download the naked chat APP and implant a virus to steal the victim’s address book and other information.Step 3: Send naked chat photos and videos to continue extortion.Although the way of fraud is simple and crude, but the suspect seized the subject do not want to speak out of the psychological unbridled fraud.Therefore, the police hope that we keep ourselves clean, do not believe that naked chat and other fraud.What always strange opposite sex request video naked chat is fraud encounter this kind of circumstance please report immediately!