The Zunyi Municipal Party Committee of China Civil Construction Group carried out Spring Festival visits

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When the Spring Festival of the Year of Yin tiger is approaching, members of the zunyi Municipal Committee chairman of THE China Civil Construction Group visited the old members, retired cadres and the needy people of the community, sent the care and greetings of the organization, and extended the New Year’s greetings.On the afternoon of January 24th, Chen Zhiyu, vice chairman of THE CPPCC of Zunyi City, and Wang Guoxing, full-time vice chairman of zunyi City, led the cadres to visit Hu Xiaoyuan, the outgoing chairman of the fifth Committee of Zunyi City.The two chairpersons had in-depth discussion and exchange on the history of civil construction and the future development of Zunyi civil construction.In the exchange, Hu Xiaoyuan is full of deep feelings and hopes for the development of civil construction organizations.Chen Zhiyu said that he would carry forward the fine tradition of CBC and lead all members to perform their duties better on the basis of the previous committee and run the “baton” on the new journey.In the home of retired former full-time vice chairman Xu Xiaokang, Xu Xiaokang proudly talked about the history of Zunyi Municipal Party committee and reviewed the early development course of Zunyi Civil Construction.Chen Zhiyu invited the older generation of CDRC leaders to take a look and talk about the history of CDRC Zunyi Municipal Committee to the new members, making the party history study and education more vivid and profound.At bai Sijing’s home, Chen Zhiyu told Bai Lao to pay attention to health care, and wished bai Lao a happy New Year and a happy family.He said that Bai always adheres to the leadership of the Party, loves the CBC, and passes on his faith to the next generation. This is the embodiment of his lofty belief and loyalty to the CBC, which is worth learning by every young CBC member.According to the arrangement of Spring Festival visit, from 19th to 25th, full-time vice chair Wang Guoxing, vice chair Wang Liping and Zhang Li led a team to visit the outgoing members, older members over 80 years old and some members in difficulty respectively.Visit process, the chair will be members of the retired cadres, and old members have a conversation with authority, broad, cold ask warm, Syria’s development, to send blessings, introduce work committee of zunyi municipal committee of the year, thank them for make dedication to the development of committee and hope they continue to play a waste heat, concern and support will be the development of experience advantage into full play,Make more valuable suggestions and suggestions to the civil construction municipal committee.On the afternoon of 25th, entrusted by the committee, Zhang Li led officials to visit the needy people in Yingshanhu Street, Bozhou District.When entering the homes of the poor, Zhang li sent them the party’s care and greetings from the Civil construction organization, and encouraged them to actively respond to the good policies of the Party committee and the government, feel the party’s kindness, listen to the Party, follow the Party, and strive to create a better life with hard work.First instance a school: Pan Weihao second instance two school: Lei Shizhong third instance three school: Wang Guoxing