Lawyer Liu Hongwei explains romance in three words

2022-08-19 0 By

Whether introverted or extroverted, romance is always full of hope for the future.Just like the theme song “Together for the Future” of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, I am a person who restrades his inner passion and romance, which makes him always live in the present and look forward to the future.Romance is an attitude towards life: negative energy is contrary to positive energy, which is a completely different attitude and way of life.Each of us has only one life, is a sigh of negative energy or dare to nine days to embrace the moon, dare to catch turtle?I will always be full of romantic feelings for the future: thanks for the wind/thanks for the rain/thanks for the sun shining on the earth/thanks for the day/thanks for life to give us so much inspiration/let us never give up on life.Two romance is a kind of unyielding spirit: romance is sunshine, optimistic, positive and enterprising, so roll up your sleeves to dry a grand plan to draw in the end, empty talk is wrong to the country, this is the external embodiment of romance, always full of vitality, always confident life two hundred years, will be when the water three thousand miles.This is romance.Three, romantic is history to the future forever: past, present and future, is the generation after generation of people like the baton struggle hard transformational the temperament of heroes and numerous elites of romantic feelings, never fear never flinched in front of adversity, despair, sacrifice for have more ambition, dare to teach the sun in the heavens Just had today the great revival of our country.