Km-02a weight transmitter Keli

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In the industrial production process, Amcells KM02A weight transmitter is widely used. Like other temperature transmitters and pressure transmitters, Amcells KM02A weight transmitter provides a connection function for the output of electrical signals, and its output is 4-20mA analog model.Ningbo KeLi KM – 02 a weight transmitter have multiple sensors are connected with weighing system of port, from providing the weighing data and pull pressure data acquisition and display control mode and approach, one of the most important feature is decibels is low, the noise is small, can quickly collect all kinds of electrical signals, to all kinds of simulation models or digital signal output.This advantage of the KM-02A KM02H weight transmitter has been applied to all aspects of the industrial field.Km-02a weight transmitter has the characteristics of stable performance and low temperature demand, which can be used in the industrial range of -29-48 degrees.Protection grade is IP66, built-in sensor interface, can drive 1 or 2 weighing sensors at the same time, Ningbo weight transmitter KM-02A voltage output resistance is more than 350 ω, the output type is 2, KM01C/4 ~ 20mA, the other is KM01C/0 ~ 5V.The response frequency of electrical signal is greater than 1Hz. The two weighing sensors connected to ningbo Keli KM-02A weight transmitter are connected in parallel mode with 4-wire system.The operating temperature is -30-60 degrees Celsius, and the storage temperature is -40-80 degrees Celsius.The temperature is 10%-95%RH. When the temperature is very low, below -40 degrees Celsius, there will be no solidification.Amcells weight transmitter KM02A operates at a current of 15-24A with a maximum power of 1.6 watts.In addition, the power supply should be configured separately and cannot be used together with other clicking devices in the factory to avoid accidents.