Henan Trade investment: Epidemic prevention and access “not a mistake”

2022-08-19 0 By

Henan Daily client reporter Hu Shutong correspondent Sun Xiaofang April 2, Zhengzhou City Liulin high-speed station highway mouth, officers holding temperature gun to take the temperature of traffic drivers.During the Qingming Festival, traffic increased, increasing the pressure of epidemic prevention and control on expressways.Henan trading group do disinfection of public areas and ventilation, wearing a mask, “one-meter line” normalized epidemic prevention and control measures, such as dependency and combining with the epidemic prevention and control policy, for vehicles, personnel guidance, to service restaurant, supermarket, public toilets key regulatory environmental cleaning, temperature detection, and carry out health code inspection, minimize risk.Spring is infinitely good, outing at the right time.During the Qingming Festival, many people choose to drive themselves, and the highway welcomes the peak traffic flow.To this end, Henan Communications Investment Group opens all lanes at toll stations, reasonably sets up the number of ETC lanes and mixed toll lanes, scientifically divides the passage area according to models, strengthens the vehicle guidance during the free passage of small buses during holidays, and ensures the safe and orderly passage of passing vehicles during peak traffic hours.In the group monitoring command center, the big screen is beating the main road traffic information in the whole region.”Zhongzhou Avenue, airport highway and other sections are prone to traffic jams, we will monitor in real time, communicate with local traffic police in advance, take temporary control measures when necessary, evacuate vehicles as soon as possible to ensure smooth traffic.”Related personnel of operation management of Tongtou Group.According to the principle of “one block, one plan” and “one station, one plan”, The Group has formulated special protection schemes to strengthen the parking order of vehicles and the management of the plaza in front of the toll stations to ensure safe travel during the Qingming Festival holiday.