BMW X5L will be on the market, the price dropped, car maintenance is also cheap?That’s 1,000 a month more than Odey

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Since last year a spread of BMW X5 to domestic news, on the Internet set off a great deal of attention, now, BMW X5L is about to usher in the official listing.The new car not only has a larger size, but also according to the information spread online, it may also lower the car purchase threshold of more than 100,000 yuan. These two aspects of adjustment, no doubt poke the hearts of Chinese consumers.But even if the price drop makes it affordable to sell a homegrown BMW X5L, it doesn’t mean you can afford to keep it.So, next, we will analyze the cost of BMW X5L to see how expensive it is to raise?Mainly from the insurance cost, maintenance cost and oil cost these three aspects to carry on the analysis.BMW X5L has been marked down, so insurance is not expensive?At present, although the domestic BMW X5L has not been officially listed, but from the existing information, BMW X5L network transmission price range is expected to be 558-758,000 yuan, and will provide four models, all of the system are standard with intelligent keys, laser headlights, Harman Khatton sound and other configurations.Referring to the sales data of imported BMW X5, its 3.0T entry version is the most popular model. For such a big guy as BMW X5, it seems that only 3.0T six-cylinder engine can match its identity.Therefore, we take the “2022 xDrive 40Li M Sports Suit” of domestic BMW X5L as the analysis model.This 3.0T entry version of domestic BMW X5L is expected to cost about 668,000 yuan. To buy insurance at this price, the first year insurance cost of BMW X5L will be about 12,000 yuan if the commercial insurance is selected at 3,000,000 yuan and vehicle loss insurance, plus compulsory insurance and vehicle and vessel tax.If subsequent vehicles without be or get out of danger, the premium will further decline, according to the standard premium discount in the second year and third year 7 fold, a total of the three years BMW X5L insurance costs about 30000 yuan, on average, the insurance cost is about 10000 yuan a year, as the largest luxury SUV, the premium is not too expensive,After all, buying a 3.0-ton Audi Q7 would cost at least 12,000 yuan a year to insure, while a BMW X5L would save thousands of yuan.No maintenance of the gearbox?Although domestic BMW X5L on the basis of 3.0T engine, also added 48V light mixing system, but this has no impact on maintenance, just a suggested inspection items, owners can freely choose.Therefore, BMW X5L maintenance and imported version of the same, maintenance interval cycle is 10000 km.Each maintenance to carry out the replacement of oil machine filter, about 1500 yuan.In addition, with the increase of vehicle mileage, but also pay attention to the replacement of air filter, air conditioning filter, fuel filter, brake fluid, spark plug and other accessories.If the driving of 60,000 kilometers in three years is taken as a large maintenance cycle, the total maintenance cost of BMW X5L in these three years will be nearly 20,000 yuan, which is about 6,600 yuan per year on average, which is relatively economical among the same models.Compared with the maintenance cost of audi Q7 of about 7300 yuan a year, it can also be about 700 yuan cheaper, mainly because the small maintenance price of BMW X5L will be slightly lower.In addition, although BMW officially stated that the gearbox can be maintenance-free for life, some BMW X5 owners still need to change the gearbox oil between 60,000 kilometers and 100,000 kilometers, which costs about 6,000 yuan.If you include that, the maintenance cost of the BMW X5L is basically the same as that of the Audi Q7.With a 48V light blend, it’s even more fuel-efficient, right?The introduction of the 48V light mixing system has no impact on the maintenance of THE BMW X5L, but it has brought the BMW X5L better fuel economy.In terms of fuel consumption, we refer to the actual fuel consumption of imported BMW X5 of about 12L/100km. After fine-tuning the power system of domestic models, we calculate the fuel cost with the comprehensive fuel consumption of 11L/100km.In addition, as a luxury SUV, BMW X5L is required to fill 95 gasoline, the current price has risen to 9.2 yuan /L.If the car can travel 20,000 kilometers a year, it will cost a little over 20,000 yuan a year to fuel.Audi Q7 is also the use of 95 oil, but 100 kilometers nearly 13L fuel consumption is much higher than BMW X5L, so every year in oil costs, Audi Q7 is estimated to spend thousands of yuan more.Summary does not consider the parking fees, washing expenses and other piecemeal expenses, the sum of the above costs, can be concluded that the cost of domestic BMW X5L car is about 36,000 yuan a year, about 3,000 yuan a month, it sounds not difficult to accept, after all, keep an Audi Q7, a month also at least spend nearly 4,000 yuan.Visible, domestic BMW X5L will be reduced after the price, it seems that more people can afford to buy this large SUV, and every month more than three thousand car maintenance costs, enough to make it become an affordable affordable luxury car.