3-2, kill!The Chinese women’s football team was crowned the ninth champion with the divine substitution of Shui Qingxia and 3 goals made by 2 substitutes

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Half-time 2-0.The Chinese women’s soccer team did not play well in the first half of the match against the Korean women’s soccer team, which had a defensive counterattack and a three-center defense system.The game went down 1-0 in the 26th minute through a quick counter-attack.In the last minute of the first half, the defender went down again in a scramble, then blocked a south Korean pass with his outstretched arms.After the reminder of VAR, the referee watched the replay and decided to give a penalty kick.Half end, China women’s soccer 0-2 South Korea women’s soccer.But that has not disheartened Chinese fans.In the quarterfinals against Vietnam and in the semifinals against Japan, we conceded the first goal and then came back. There is no doubting the fighting spirit of Chinese women’s football team.In addition to the last game, Shui Qingxia directed the magic substitution, xiao Yuyi played 1 minute after wu Chengshu scored the first equaliser.Therefore, the second half of the game fans are still full of expectations, looking forward to shui Qingxia guidance reappearance of the god class substitution, looking forward to the Chinese women’s football girls spell out the opportunity.As the second half began, the Chinese girls did not disappoint the fans’ expectations.In the 60th minute of the game, Shui Qingxia instructed zhang Linyan, a young player from Evergrande Football School, to replace Wang Shuang, who was not in good condition because of injury.Seven minutes later, Zhang Linyan picked up the ball from the left and shot, the ball hit the arm of the South Korean defender in the penalty area, the referee decisively awarded a penalty kick.Stay tottenham’s tang Jiali takes the penalty in one move, rewriting the score for 1-2.After 4 minutes, zhang Linyan took the initiative to stand out.This time It was Tang who took the ball to the right, made a strong break against two defenders and made a strong pass to the back point before the ball rolled off the baseline.The small Zhang Linyan rushed to meet the ball head mallet directed the ball to the goal.The South Korean goalkeeper made a save, but it was too late and the ball went into the net.China women’s soccer 2-2 South Korea women’s soccer, will level the score.See here, have to say that Shui Qingxia guidance is too fierce.For the second game in a row, there was a miraculous substitution.Last time it was Xiao Yuyi, this time it was Zhang Linyan, the “black girl” produced by Evergrande Youth Academy.However, the magic of Shui Qingxia is not over yet.The game added time, the second half substitute xiao Yuyi, is the last game of that Xiao Yuyi, next city.China women’s soccer 3-2 South Korea women’s soccer complete the final kill!Winning the Asian Cup for the ninth time is a feat that no one has ever done before or will ever do again.