Zhang Ziyi and his wife leave their children behind to live alone!She’s so slim in a down jacket, so elegant

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On February 5, some netizens posted a photo of Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng skiing together on social media. It must be said that nowadays, Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng are living a more and more romantic life, leaving their children behind.Zhang Ziyi under the camera is also super fashionable dress, even wearing a down jacket modeling, is still the outline of a concave and convex figure curve.A, Zhang Ziyi skiing style wear guide fashion keywords: color clash;Basic color;Outline sense 01 Modeling highlights 1:Using basic colors create classical joker van colour collocation has always been the focus of the overall look, general colour collocation mainly divided into basic color and the way of two kinds of bright eye colour collocation, the base colour is emphasize modelling classical joker, avoid rollover state, modelling bright eye color to create colorful effect, on shape of style restoring ancient ways.Zhang Ziyi this body modeling is a combination of basic color collocation, the use of black and white set off each other, to create a classic versatile, making the overall look simple and do not break the sense of senior, very set off a beautiful temperament 02 modelling highlights two:Second, when matching colors, we can combine the color matching style. The general color matching style is divided into basic color + basic color;Basic color + bright eye color;Bright eye color + bright eye color to match, on the one hand set off a modern fashion atmosphere, on the other hand to create a sense of administrative levels, making the whole look more gorgeous.It may be said that Zhang Ziyi is better to maintain in female star, even if it is when modelling of tie-in pink tender girl, the slightest won’t outfit tender suspicion to the person, it is to be able to foil instead a melting age reduction fan.Two, Zhang Ziyi sweet wind wear guide fashion keywords: bright color;Knitting Elements 01 Modeling highlight 1:With a bright eye color make a girl actually for many little sisters, when choose to play the part of the tender, can select bright eye color to match, especially some young girl color, can not only create a sweet style can also create fashionable nifty and van, and makes the modelling delicate and do not break vogue, set off a good lovely fashionable breath, contracted style is still reveal a beautiful temperament.02 modelling highlight 2: use of knitting elements to create elegant and intellectual fan on choosing fashion sheet is tasted, zhang ziyi is also choose knitting elements to match, use of knitting elements not only can create a gentle atmosphere fan, and can add nifty and fashionable breath, make a fashionable breath using contracted style, can foil the beauty already so, also can deduce a graceful fan.If the sweet wind set off zhang Ziyi is a girl feeling big burst, so go up sports wind Zhang Ziyi is to give a person full of vitality and vitality.Three, Zhang Ziyi sports wear guide fashion keywords: slim collocation;01 modelling highlights a: sports style classification in fact, in the collocation of sports style, only need to combine the tight style and casual style to match, after all, the tight style pay attention to the shape of self-cultivation, so that it can outline a slender figure can also create a clean fan;Casual style is focused on creating casual style, convenient for the overall look movement, more inclined to casual atmosphere.02 Modelling highlights 2: Using simple style to create an atmosphere in this group of modelling overall look presents a casual simple fan, so in the collocation of modelling, can be combined with the basic style, in the background of the basic style to create a classic versatile fan, make the overall look set off a fashionable atmosphere fan.Statement: original text, pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete.Prohibit plagiarism, offenders will be prosecuted!Text/sky bird