What was the ending of Cao Mofei in the TV series Railway?

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TV series “Railway” cao Mofei ending is: Cao Mofei joined the Party, he and Ding Jianping together to organize the Northeast Anti-japanese United Army, adhere to the struggle with the Japanese army.Railway is a war drama directed by Hao Wanjun and starring Li Haoxuan, Wang Daqi and Xia Yiyao.I believe you are familiar with the TV series railway, which tells the story of patriotic youth fighting against invaders.Railway has attracted wide attention and is loved by everyone since it was broadcast.The play not only presents to the audience the enmity between Cao Mofei and Jiang Yuchen, but also presents to the masses the national righteousness of the confrontation with the Japanese.In the television series the west railway, as the protagonist Cao Mofei cao’s home is the second son, small Jiang Yuchen is his hair, after be brought up the reunion is a happy thing, but found Cao Mofei Jiang Yuchen become a tool of the Japanese people, and is associated with his father’s death, in order to save Jiang Yuchen, for Chinese nation’s sense of honor, Cao Mofei confrontation with the enemy several times, won a decisive victory.