What should a family member do if they have someone quarantined at home?How to check the telephone number of epidemic prevention and control in your hometown

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Since its launch, hangzhou.com has received a large number of citizens asking for help.If you have any requests or questions about travel, daily life or epidemic prevention, you can click the picture to enter and fill in the relevant requirements, and we will transfer them to the relevant departments of Hangzhou in the first time.Q: family members in Xiaoshan Royal View Blue Bay community, there is a way to buy their own supplies to them?A: According to notice No. 1 of COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters of Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, Building 1 of Yujing Blue Bay, Jiajia Health Pharmacy (Branch of Times Avenue) and Haoshengke Canteen (Branch of Yujing Blue Bay) are closed and controlled areas;Other areas of Royal View Lanwan Residential area are controlled areas;Yiqiao town north to the city expressway, south to Hujia Mountain, west to Puyang River, east to Yixiang line as the prevention area.The containment area strictly implements the management measures of “closed isolation, staying at home, door-to-door service”, and arranges staff to patrol 24 hours on duty;Personnel can only enter and not leave the control area. It is strictly forbidden for people to gather together. In principle, people should stay at home.Each region has its own coping mechanism and material reserves. At present, it is not recommended to transport materials by yourself.If there is still a need, you can contact the relevant community for assistance.Q: What should family members do if they have been asked to stay at home?Family members quarantined, too?A: If all members of a resident’s home are green code, there is no need to isolate;If residents have yellow code or red code, please immediately report to the community and accept community isolation arrangements.If a resident is required to be quarantined at home by the unit, he/she can be quarantined at home under the condition of green code, and other family members can travel freely without isolation (all the members in the home must be green code).Q: Can family gatherings and New Year’s Eve dinners still be held under the epidemic?A: Reduce the flow and gathering of people, and encourage people in Hangzhou to stay in Hangzhou for the Spring Festival.During the Spring Festival, the scale of family gatherings should be reduced as far as possible. The number of family gatherings should not exceed 10 people. For a party with more than 5 tables (50 people), it should be reported to the community or village committee and strict prevention and control measures should be implemented.Q: a person from Xiaoshan, with star travel card, can he go to hangzhou provincial hospital to see a doctor?Answer: Except for some sealed and controlled areas in the city, hangzhou citizens’ daily travel is not affected at present.Xiaoshan residents please pay attention to the latest instructions of COVID-19 prevention and control Headquarters of Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou.According to the relevant notice: the containment area strictly implements the management measures of “closed isolation, staying indoors, door-to-door service”, and arranges the staff to patrol 24 hours on duty.Personnel can only enter and not leave the control area. It is strictly forbidden for people to gather together. In principle, people should stay at home.It is not necessary to leave the area. Those who really need to go in and out of the area for medical treatment or special business should present a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours.Public places such as chess and card rooms, bars, KTV, mahjong rooms, table game rooms, natatorium, libraries, art galleries, museums, cinemas and theatres, gymnasiums, Internet cafes, scenic spots and religious places will be strictly restricted.In other public places, communities and transportation vehicles, measures such as temperature measurement, code scanning, wearing masks and disinfection shall be strictly implemented and the number of personnel shall be reasonably controlled.Restaurants and restaurants control the number of people according to 50% of the capacity, sit apart, encourage customers to take away consumption;Local enterprises and public institutions advocate online office.Q: Does Shanghai Green Code return to Huzhou and transfer to Hangzhou East Railway Station require nucleic acid?A: Please pay attention to the risk levels of each region in Shanghai.According to the “hangzhou travel epidemic prevention policy” released by the hangzhou epidemic prevention and control office on January 25, the policies for entering hangzhou are as follows :(1) the “14+7+7” health management measures will be carried out for inbound travelers, namely, 14-day centralized medical observation, 7-day home health observation, and 7-day daily health monitoring.(ii) The “14+7” health management measures will be implemented for those who come to And return to Zhejiang from townships (streets) in high-risk areas in China, that is, 14-day quarantine and 7-day home health observation;The health management measures of “14+7” shall be implemented for the whole closed management area and the accompanying personnel.(3) Implement “2+14″ health management measures for other people in counties, cities and districts in China with high-risk epidemic areas;”2+14” health management measures will be implemented for those who need nucleic acid test reports to leave areas, whole-domain nucleic acid test areas and transportation hubs with epidemic risk.Certificate of negative test of novel Coronavirus nucleic acid within 2 days (48 hours) shall be carried out upon entry into Zhejiang.Those without such certificates shall be guided to the nearest designated places such as comprehensive service points for nucleic acid testing.Those with negative results were included in daily health monitoring for 14 days.(Note: The above time limit for health management measures only applies to the condition that nucleic acid test is negative before the end of each stage.)Q: Can I go back to my hometown during the Spring Festival?How to quickly find the epidemic prevention and control consultation telephone number of travel destination?↓↓↓ Step 1: Search for the “State Council Client” mini program in wechat.Step 2: After entering, click “More”.Step 3: Click “Epidemic Prevention Consultation Telephone” to enter the inquiry.