Spring Festival walk grassroots | “Tiger Jump Spring Festival” Spring Couplets to send blessings into Jinan first Outlets

2022-08-18 0 By

Shandong Network, China – Shandong, January 29 (reporter Zhang Minmin) On January 29, the “Tiger Leaping The Sacred State welcomes the Spring Festival” 2022 Online Calligraphy exhibition of Spring Festival couplets and grassroots public welfare activities of traditional culture walked into Jinan Capital Outlets, and sent Spring Festival couplets and New Year wishes to the citizens who came to purchase goods.”Mom, dad is a party member, you see this pair of Spring Festival couplets posted to our door is appropriate.””This Spring Festival couplet was written by a student of Shandong University of Arts, my alumnus!””Tomorrow I will go back to my rural hometown for the Spring Festival holiday. This pair of Spring Festival couplets is just appropriate to stick on my big iron gate.””The printed Spring Festival couplets are very well written. The horizontal lines of ‘Tiger tiger gives birth to power’ are very appropriate.”…At the scene of the activity, people came to receive the Spring Festival couplets in an endless stream, according to their own circumstances, choose their own, the heart of the Spring Festival couplets.”I have to quickly send you to the location of the Spring Festival couplets to the group, let the store to the customer said, you here in free send Spring Festival couplets, send blessings!”Ms. Li, who works in the first outlet, picked out the Spring Festival couplets, very happy, she said: “You this Spring Festival couplets online calligraphy exhibition and traditional culture walk grassroots public welfare activities to the citizens to purchase free Spring Festival couplets, also never a thick festival atmosphere, really good, next year must also come again to send.””Thank you!Calligraphers who write Spring Festival couplets are working hard!””Are you from China Shandong Net?Happy New Year to you and to all of us at Shandong!”The citizens who received the Spring Festival couplets were all happy and blossomed on their faces. While receiving the Spring Festival couplets and blessings, they also gave the New Year’s greetings to the reporters and netizens of China Shandong Net.The reporter learned that during the Spring Festival, Jinan first Outlets Spring Festival closed, together with 200+ brands launched New Year’s special discount, international famous products 1 discount;More Spring Festival traditional folk performances such as dragon and lion dance, intangible cultural heritage traditional folk performance and Yangko dance add festive atmosphere to the festival.The first outlet has become the first choice of many citizens for New Year shopping and family play.The 2022 Spring Festival Couplings Online Calligraphy Exhibition and Traditional Culture grassroots Public welfare activity is sponsored by Shandong Provincial People’s Government Information Office and Shandong Calligrapher’s Association, undertaken by China Shandong Net and Shandong Provincial Federation of Literary and Arts Network New Media Center, and co-organized by 16 Municipal Government Information Office.The activity aims to collect calligraphy works of Spring Festival couplets in the year of the Tiger with the theme of New Year’s greetings, a happy well-off life and promoting new social trends, to show a happy and beautiful life through paper, ink and books, to praise shandong province’s new achievements in the transformation of old and new driving forces and the building of a well-off society in an all-round way, and to dig into the value of The Times of qilu’s excellent culture.